Jun 4, 2013

IMCF Challenge #2 - 30 Day DU Challenge

K.I.S.S. for June...this one's for everyone.  A little practice for those that have been at it a while, and a forcing function for those that haven't found the time (or will) to practice their double unders.  The time has come.

Unbroken Double-unders (DU) -- today, 4 June, you perform one DU.  Tomorrow, you perform 2...unbroken.  And so on, adding (+1) unbroken DU until the 3rd of July, when you will be up to 30 unbroken DU.

30 DU is no sweat?  Take your current PR, subtract 15, and start there.  You'll hit PR territory mid-challenge and have to work to keep pace at the end of the month.  You can also add difficulty by completing your DU post-WOD while you are fatigued.

Following the 4th of July long weekend, we will cap it all off with a max set unbroken DU competition.

Here are the specific Challenge Rules*:
  1. All of your double-unders should be completed consecutively (aka unbroken).
  2. If you miss a day, you have to make up all the missed double unders the following day...includes weekends.
  3. If you don't start the challenge with us today, you can "buy-in" at any time by doing ALL the missed day's double-unders on your first day.
  4. Any double-unders you complete during your regular workout or warm-up will not count towards the day's Challenge.

Training Resources.  
*I thought I was being clever with this idea, but CF Oakland ran the same challenge about 5 years ago.  Rules unabashedly lifted from their site.

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