Jun 20, 2013

Friday 06.21.13

As a 3 person team, perform 4 rounds for time and reps of:

Row 300 meters
Sumo deadlift high pull (75/45)
GHD Situp

Post your team's time and the number of SDHP reps and GHD reps to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day +18)  

Coach's Notes. (standard times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

The row will be the pacing exercise.  All three athletes start at the same time, each on a movement.  Perform the SDHP and the GHDs while the rower completes 300 meters.  Once complete on the rower, rotate between the movements.  Continue to rotate until each athlete has performed all three movements for four rounds.  **One or Two person variation:  Rotate after 75 seconds when no one is on the rower.

The GHD situp does not come along very often.  Be careful on this one, it can tweak a lower back if performed incorrectly.  Watch the video below for tips, but a crucial point is to lock your knees out as soon as you begin your upward pull from the bottom of the movement (ie out of hyperextension).  Your knees will bend slightly as you go down, but as soon as you pull back up...lock your knees.  This allows the rectus femoris to engage so you pull up with your quadriceps and pelvis rather than your lumbar spine absorbing the force.

Scaling for GHD can include only going to parallel vice into full hyperextension, or ABMAT situps.

Training Videos.
  • Some guy in this Video claims to know a thing or two about GHD mechanics.


Andy said...

Need to get an early start, I'll be at the 0545. 0630 regulars...set your alarm a little earlier, or someone take charge!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
"Freelance Friday!"

Back Squat
10x10 @ 135lb (1min rest)

"(un)Lucky 7s"
7x Squat Clean (135)
7x Burpee
7x Pullups


had to scale Squat cleans to power cleans after round two; squats and the heat took a greater toll than I had expected.

Andy said...

Good showing this AM, thanks to ROb for taking lead on the WOD and farewells to the Andersons and Josh.

Morning session converted into scores in seconds - reps. Teamed with Dan & Josh for a score of something like 582? 17:40ish on the row, mid 200s on reps for each. I have never done a WOD before where the row felt like the rest period. Good stuff.

Jake78 said...


BS 290 3 sets of 5
Bench Press
190 3x5
Power Clean
190 3x5

Cleans wound up being rapid singles, my form breaks down too much in-between reps to do that kind of weight (for me) in reps; I could do it, but I'd likely hurt myself as my grip falls apart between disengaging the hook grip at the top and resetting. Might mean I need to scale back.