Jun 13, 2013

Friday 06.14.13

AM scores
In 2-person teams, 3 RFT of:
10 Burpee pull-ups (pacing exercise)
Wall balls (20/14)

*3 burpee penalty (team or individual) on the spot if the med ball hits the ground.

Post time, reps and team score (time - 1 sec per WB) to comments.

(DU Challenge - Day +11)  

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545, 0630, and 0800)

.  Partners set up, one at the pull-up bars and one at the wall.  On "Go", one partner knocks out 10 burpee pull-ups (aka G.I. Janes) while the other performs max reps of wall balls.  After 10 reps, Partner A moves to the wall and switches places, with a positive handoff of the med ball and the running wall ball rep count.  One round is complete when both partners have performed each exercise.

Penalties.  At no time will the med ball hit the ground during the WOD.  If needed, athletes must rest with the ball up (in a hang or front rack, leaning against the wall, etc).  Penalty for a violation is 3 burpees on the spot.  If the foul occurs during a transfer, both athletes get down for 3 each.  In a mixed team with different ball weights, pick up your ball and do a "ball bump" to signify handover.

Movements.  Ideally, burpee pull-up bar should be 12" above your reach.  Work with what we've got -- men on the outside bar, women on the slightly lower inside bar.  Or use rings.  If scaling is required, use the adjustable bars on the end of the rig and reduce the jump height.

Score is total time (-1 second) for each wall ball performed.

Training Videos.
  • "The Burpee Pullup" - HQ vid with Greg Amundson.  Great demo and explanation of the functionality of the movement, especially with the use of the mixed grip...makes sense.


Andy said...

With Iron Mike this AM, 08:20 - 127 reps = 6:13.

Good WOD, like some of the AM folks said it was a sprint. Saw a lot of burpee jumps to a deadhang or kipping pullup. Try to jump high and get above the bar with an arm pull...one fluid motion.

DUs -- 34/35/36/37, caught up from yesterday and put some in the bank to get me through Monday.

Jake78 said...

Today in STRENGTH!!!!!

Back Squat

Used the ball as noted earlier. Big improvement!!! Had no issue with valgus knees or raising my butt too early on the squats. Depth was to standard instead of "I think".

Press was very heavy, I jumped 20 pounds to get more in line with 85% of 1RM. I may have to stay there another workout or two because I may have arched too much.

Deadlifts are hard.

I'm very excited because I have two powerlifting books coming in the mail. Westside Barbell's Training Methods and the 5/3/1 model. I have no doubt upon reading those there will be some face-palm's in regards to the way I do business now.

Also in August there is a Crossfit powerlifting cert near Springfield Missouri. I'm highly interested in attending. We'll see though, cause it's about 500 bones.

Jake Atkins