Jun 6, 2013

Friday 06.07.13

Congratulations, farewell, and good luck to our SAMS & ILE 13-01 grads.  For the rest of you…keep ‘rowing’!

"Expend All Ammo"

In 4-person teams, 4 RFT:
Run 400m (pacing exercise)
Pull ups
Weighted step-ups (45/25)
Wall balls (20/14)

Post score (total time - 1 second for each rep performed)  to comments.

Coach's Notes.

Teams will start with an athlete at each station.  On "Go", one member runs 400m while the other 3 perform as many reps as possible at their stations.  When the run is complete, athletes rotate stations. One round is complete when each athlete has performed each exercise once.   Continue for 4 total rounds -- i.e., each member of the team will do each exercise four times.

Keep a running count of reps for each exercise and sum them up at the end.  Subtract the total number of team reps (in seconds) from the total time to determine your score.

Looking for one mass start!  Come WOD one last time with the IMCF community and our departing brothers and sisters.
0530    Set up
0545    WOD brief & ‘before’ photo
0600    Start
0625    ‘after’ photo
CHALLENGE NOTES -- (DU Challenge - Day +4)  Anybody else on board?  Post an update to comments.  The challenge continues over the weekends...knock out Day +5 and +6 today or over the weekend or you'll be playing catchup on Monday (+7).

Motivational Musical Selection of the Day.
  • "The Warrior's Code" - If this ditty by the Dropkick Murphys doesn't get you fired up, go see a doc.  An ode to boxing champ and MA local hero Micky Ward, the lyrics hit home any time you are grinding through a WOD and need to dig deep: "You've got the fire...the spirit of a warrior, the champion's heart." Sincere thanks to those leaving IMCF for all their contributions and best wishes as you continue your pursuit of fitness.


Sadr City King said...

4 Horsemen (Matt, Scott, John and Charles) for a total of 1,542 reps and at time of 32:40. Good way to end the week and great workout.......

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Freelance Friday!"

10x10 @ 65x2/70x2/75x2/80x2/85/80 (1 min rest b/w sets)

7:49 as Rx'd (PR by ~1 min!)
all DUs unbroken

DU challenge (PR = 79)
64+1+2+3 = 70!
We'll see how far I can progress.

Jake78 said...

The 4 "J"s rule!

Farewell Rob and graduates! Keep training and good luck!

Jake Atkins

Ross said...

Farewell and thanks for everything you everything have done for IMCF

Ross said...

IMCF SD Det, reporting from JBLM

Made up Tuesdays squat trifecta today, used three warm up sets for each exercise was able to finish everything in 28 min
FS- 3reps@ 275 failed second rep of 295
BS- 3 reps @ 335
OHS- 3 reps @ 175
Total - 785, 30 lbs better than early may.

Finished with some snatches @135 then worked BJ up to 40in.

Russ Ames said...

Teamed with Noah, josh, and Andy for this one. 34 min and change, but down to 12:20 ish after our 1200 ish reps score. I had 292 reps, Noah 294, don't know other two scores