May 14, 2013

Wednesday 05.15.13


Row 1000m
50 thrusters (45/25)
30 pull ups

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Coach's Notes. 
Only one round?  That's it?  Say that after your 30th pullup.  This is a CF classic that will go quick but probably leave you on the floor afterwards.  Compare to 07.25.12.

COACHES' CLINIC -- We will hold a second trainer clinic on Thursday from 0600-0645.  Last week's focused on seeing movement and identifying faults.  This week, we'll practice delivery of the movement descriptions and points of performance, and review setup positions and training progressions.


Andy said...

Jackie - 8:24. Almost a minute over my last time, tired legs/recent sickness may have held me back. Always a "fun" WOD.

Handstand Walk Wed - got to 26' twice, couldn't beat last week's. GEtting more consistent though.

Noah said...

7:54...41 secs faster than last July. Think it was the butterfly pullups this time that bought me some time. It sure wasn't the thrusters!

Erik said...

Jackie: 6:41, but to be fair I "paused" my clock for ~30 seconds while a pull-up bar station opened up

Jodie Kunkel said...

I didn't start a clock this morning, but I think I averaged about 5 min per event. Pull-ups were definitely my weakest link. But to note, I was a bit lazy with trying to find the 25lb bar so I used the 45 instead. Wasn't too bad in increments of 10.

monroe said...

9:17, was not feelin it. Who's the knucklehead that programmed all this leg work? They have some enormous KB's here. Tried a 110lb get up and failed, made it both sides with the 90.

Ross said...


Friday (today) Made up Jackie from Wed that I missed finished in 7:31 - RX'd felt pretty good with my time and wasn't overly beat.