May 7, 2013

Wednesday 05.08.13

20 minute AMRAP:
10 One-arm DB Clean and jerk (45/35), five per side
Run 400m
20 Abmat sit-ups

Post rounds to comments

Coach's Notes. 
DB C&J -- We are limited on DB selection so if there is a run on Rx weights,  get motivated and go higher or scale down...pick a weight you think you can manage.  KB is always an option as well.  Movement starts at the floor (not the hang).  Execute a clean (power clean is fine), and push press/jerk to full extension.

Push yourself on the runs.  Oftentimes in a AMRAP triplet, runs are paired with two other taxing movements and folks tend to pace and recover on the run.  Run it hard...situps aren't exactly fun, but they won't blow you up either.

  • Coaches' Clinic in the AM from 0600-0700. All current and aspiring L1 trainers are encouraged to attend.
  • IMCF Squat Challenge.  Focus for Week 1 is establishing a 3RM baseline (BS/FS/OHS).  Details's not too late to start.

Training Videos.
  • "Single Arm Dumbell Clean & Press" - hard one to find a good vid on.  This guy has less than perfect form, but shows the right ROM and method for alternating arms. 


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press 10-10-10 @ 95lb (10-10-8-5)
Push Press 10-10 @ 115lb
Push Jerk 5-5 @ 135lb

Scaled WOD to 12 min*
3 rds + 2 C&J (1 ea)

No follow-thru

Lead-in took longer to complete because of equipment shortages (had to wait too long) but wanted a strength focus.

Jacob Heppner said...

2nd Day of Regionals posted. Event 4 looks "fun."

Jodie Kunkel said...

As prescribed: 4 complete rounds + 10 DB C&J + 400m.

monroe said...

Someone dropped a Rogue wrist wrap in the Parking lot, put it on the desk in the bubble.

Did the WOD this morning with Andy.
5 rounds, 10 cleans, 100 meters (run).

Bought K Star's book, "becoming a Supple Leopard." Pricey at $60, but a good investment.

Andy said...

METCON w/ Mark, 5rds + 10/400m/12. Good WOD, need to tighten up DB/KB C&J form though.

Handstand Walk Wednesday - new PR at 30'.

Always good to spend some time honing trainer skills at Coach's Clinic, thanks Mark. Will hold another next week.

Erik said...


6 rounds

Bradly Parker said...

5rds 400m+16

Ross said...


Sorry been absent all week, had cadets in field since 0600 Monday, about to take them back out for Day and night land nav, my work outs have consisted of trudging through the woods / rain for past three days trying to keep 20 yo college students focused and motivated.. try to get back on schedule tomorrow and also establish my Squat baselines.