May 27, 2013

Tuesday 05.28.13

5 rounds for time:
20 x Medicine ball cleans (20/14)
Run 400m

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
For your warmup, ensure you cover some good hip and shoulder mobilization like you would before a front squat day.  Practice a few hang squat cleans into front squats with PVC and an empty bar to "grease the groove" for MBC...practice the drop under and catch in a good, low squat position.

Probably been a while since you saw some med ball cleans.  Quick refresher below with more info in the vids.  Trainers -- do some QA/QC on athletes in your groups during warm-up.
  • Setup -- start every rep in a good deadlift style position:  heels down, head upright and neutral, good lumbar curve and midline stability.
  • Execution -- deadlift with full extension of the hips, a shrug with straight arms and ball kept close to body, and a quick drop to catch in a low, tight front squat.

ADMIN NOTE.  Trainers and athletes -- today's our first day working toward re-establishing regular start times.  We have some people committed to group starts at 0545 and about 15 mins early for a WOD brief and warm-up.  Any requests for refined or additional start times, post to the whiteboard or to comments here.

Training Videos.
  • "Movement Demo: MBC" - Reebok Crossfit ONE shows proper form. 
  • "Coaching the Medicine Ball Clean:  Part I and Part II" - two short vids from HQ with Russell Berger.  Useful explanations, cues, and coaching tips for refining the movement.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5x10 @ 95
Push Press
5x10 @ 115/115/95/95/95

18:38 w/ 18lb ball
kept the pace slow enough to focus on form during cleans; was amazed at how much they impacted the 400m run time!

100x situps

Jake78 said...

5x rds of
20x med ball cleans
400m run

I did it in 16:00. Med Ball Cleans were unbroken minus some sweaty slips! Good, simple, and hard!


Andy said...

15:17 Rx. Heavy legs, would have been tempted to slow down if Charles wasn't there to keep me focused and give me something to shoot for. Light ring work after (forward rolls, ring pushups).

Group of 4 at 0630. Think that time slot is going to endure, if you are doing your own thang around that time consider joining the fun. Could use another L1 so we have some redundancy when I flake.

Sadr City King said...

15:48 Rx. did 5 x5 hvy squats prior to the RFT.....legs are smoked. Great workout!!!! thanks for the motivation Andy.

Jared said...

Empty bubble at 0730 this morning. Once I complete my move on post next month I may be able to change up my WOD time. After yesterday's Memorial Day Murph followed by 4 hours in the car I had nothing left in the legs. Hard to gut through alone and a 20:11 shows it.

monroe said...

Did Arnie today, just couldn't get to it yesterday. 22:09 with 1 pood/35lb KB. If it isn't raining later I'll get in today's WOD later.

Matt B. said...

Today's WOD as Rx in 17:24. Paying for lots of poor (but delicious) food choices this weekend.

May need to work out earlier, as we enter the season of taking a cold shower, sitting in front of the locker room fan for 10 minutes, then going back and sweating at my desk for 1 hr. So glad I ironed this shirt last night and now it's going back in the wash. #apologiestomattscubemates