May 20, 2013

Tuesday 05.21.13

5 RFT of:
20 Hang power snatch (65/45)
30 Double unders

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Coach's Notes. 
Despite the light weight, this is still 100 snatch reps.  Warm up and mobilize the shoulders before stepping off into this one.  Recommend a hook grip on the bar to help with fatigue in the forearms.

REMINDER -- programming work session with Mark at 12th Brick tomorrow, Tue 21 May starting at 1200.

Training Videos.
  • Can't do snatches without a little Burgener warmup from CF Films.  The audio and video seem to play about 3 secs off from each other, but a little longer description than his original garage video.
  • And a demo from Coach Burgener's garage on the hang power snatch.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press Snatch Balance
5x5 with barbell

scaled to 55lbs
added 15x burpee penalty for breaking snatches

3x 1-min handstands (against wall)

Russ Ames said...

Weight as Rx, and mostly DUs with 10-15 singles subbed as fatigue took over. Good WOD to get back in the groove.

Meghan Smith said...

11:31 Rx. DU were ok (after round one) but struggled with grip on snatch even using the hook. Good WOD, nice group of 8-10 this morning.

Noah said...

13:00 rxd. Chasing jared round for round right to the end.

Get some workout partners lined up for tomorrow! Three person WOD coming up.

Andy said...

10:37 Rx, with some motivation from Carlos. Nice WOD, tough on the shoulders and grip.

Handstand Walks - got to 41.5' (new PR) followed by 3x7 of cat skinning. Heavy dose of squat mobility afterward, lots of time in the bottom position.

Good call Noah, and...lots of moving trucks around post, must be ILE graduation time. Any interest in getting a mass start for tomorrow's Team WOD, handshakes & hi-5s afterward?

Ross said...


Had my little brother in town this morning, he's about a year into CF and just did his LV1 in Kuwait in April so it was nice having someone else to do the WOD with.

Started with box jumps up to 38 in then did some hand stand work.

Ross - RX @ 8:58
David - 12:46

DUs went well for me today was hitting 15 to 20 consistently. One point of efficiency that I used on Snatches was when my grip was getting week I rested in the full press position for two breaths instead of dropping the bar, allowed me to adjust grip and didn't let me waste time dropping and picking up the bar..

Finished off with some snatch work @95 more critiquing each other and taking advantage of having another person there to tweak form and give cues.

Meghan Smith said...

My bad...I think I was 13:31. Just proves I was pretty tired that numbers didn't register. :)

Jake78 said...


Went unbroken but slow until round 4, then something in my form broke down and my shoulder started aching and popping. Probably a failure to keep tension in my shoulders around rep 75ish. Had to break the snatches into sets of 5 after that, as 5 was all I could keep pain free.

Nice group this morning.


Jodie Kunkel said...

18:33, snatches as rx'd, subbed double unders for 90 single unders. Finished up with working on double unders. Maybe one day the rope will let me win.

Matt B. said...

OHS lead in then 5-5-5 snatch at 95#. Missed lunchtime wod. Luckily I got some hand me down steel weights recently that I got to try after kids went to bed.