May 13, 2013

Tuesday 05.14.13

5 rounds for time:

30 air squats
15 dumbbell push press

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Coach's Notes. 
For the DB push press, select a weight that you feel you can do for 75 reps without having to break up each set of 15.  When performing a barbell push press, a common RX weight is 95-115 for men or 65-75 for women.  So if shoulder to overhead is one of your forte's, consider 60# DBs or higher for men.  If shoulder to overhead is not in your wheelhouse then maybe 40# DBs are more appropriate.

Wtthout the stabilizing force of one bar up there, two dumbbells overhead will cause us to focus more on good shoulder position and core stability.  Keep your shoulders back and in external rotation, do not let the shoulders roll forward or in.  Avoid over extending your back in the overhead movment.

And a pitch for a great resource for your home library:  If you have not considered buying Kelly Starrett's "Becoming a Supple Leopard," then do so.  For the strict press and push press alone he dedicates 10 pages to proper setup, mechanics and diagnostic tools.  No one should exercise without this book.  Here ends the shameless ad pitch.

Training Videos.
  • An MWOD VIDEO discusses knee prep for the push press and other repetitive knee movements.
  • A quick DEMO from Reebok CrossFit One on the DB push press movement.


Ross said...


Beautiful morning here took the pooch out for a easy 3 mile jog, he is currently panting in the back yard. then went to the gym and did the WOD..........

OK OK, who suggested going to 60 lb Dumbbells? Reading this last night I was thinking 7 to 8 min workout. Shoulder to overhead is right in my wheelhouse. So I figured I would give the 60s a go. Well it turned out to be just one of those workouts where I could not convince my body to move any faster and took a lot of breaks during the PP to get it done, but I was too hard headed to drop the weight down. Was able to knock out the first round unbroken in a minute, then everything just went down hill had to start breaking the PP into sets of 5 and soon sets of 4. Not happy with my time but cannot say I didn't get a good workout in there.

Time: 13:33

So much for redoing my OHS work today.. Shoulders not happy..

Meghan Smith said...

11:43 at 40# total. Started out with 50# but was kept doing push jerks unintentionally. Glad I switched bc my shoulders were really fatigued from doing heavy KB snatches yesterday.

Then did 5x5 back squats at 75# for squat challenge work.

Andy said...

8:07 - started w/ 40s and went 2.5 rds UB, then dropped to 30s to keep moving. Gave the 60s a spin warming up and quickly decided that was not happening.

FS work and GHD/hypers to finish. Not the optimal sequencing but it worked.

monroe said...

No sixties for me. Noah? The Corps must be providing supplements that weren't available in my day. Anyway, my daily morning routine paid off this morning, squats and presses unbroken, 7:57.

monroe said...

PS, I used 30lb DBs

NGM said...

9:04. I started with 40# but dropped to 35# for the last two sets as I was getting smoked.

Shoulder to overhead is a limitation of mine so I knew that the PP would suck, but surprisingly going right into the squats after the PP was tough also.