May 6, 2013

Tuesday 05.07.13

As a two-person team, for time:
200 Burpee box jumps (24"/20")

Each team may decide how to apportion the reps, but only one member may work at a time.

If it’s a nice day, pull the box outside.

Post team time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Some people can combine the burpee and the box jump into one fluid movement and some cannot.  Since the box is going to be farther away from you when you pop up out of the burpee you will probably need to step closer before jumping onto the box.  If you attempt the box jump from farther away please be cognizant of the potential of a miss as you fatigue.  Likewise, as you come down off the box it may be in your way as you try and drop for the next burpee so make sure your forehead is going to clear the large piece of wood below.  Consider a step back before dropping to the deck.

Also consider where your feet are when you jump.  Are they in a good jumping position?  A common burpee technique is to snap up out of the burpee with your feet wider than shoulder width and with feet turned out.  But is this how we safely jump?  Aim to jump with your feet straight and beneath your hips, then you can jump injury free.

REMINDER -- Mark will conduct a Coaches' Clinic tomorrow (WED) from 0600-0700.  All current and aspiring L1 trainers are encouraged to attend.

Training Videos.
  • An MWOD video that discusses movement prep for a BURPEE.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3.24 mile run
29:10 @ 144bpm (45sec recovery)

"scaled" 101 Burpee Box Jumps

100x sledgehammer swings (~12lb hammer)

janakehau said...

Team Gwen and Jana, 200 reps (in two rep increments per person) for a time of 23:14...

Jake78 said...

Did Nancy instead, love burpees (no that's a lie) but I needed something a bit more METCON and less "suck practice".



Jacob Heppner said...

First day of Regional workouts released.

Andy said...

Subbed an APFT today. Pushups were tougher than normal, but happy with the run given the lack of miles over the winter/spring.

Saw that article, Jake. Interesting choice with gender neutral Jackie. You've got to be feeling pretty good about Event 2?

Jacob Heppner said...

Event 1 is a good choice except....I don't wish to know how many women beat my time. Demorilizing. I like event 2, but event 3 is going to be rough.

Matt B. said...

3RM for OHS and BS today, then clean practice @ 95#. Was going to do yesterday's TGU (I like TGU), but ran out of time. Ran 2x400m to get some vitamin D (or is it K?) with 1:1 rest.