May 29, 2013

Thursday 05.30.13

Brought to you by "Dan the Man"
“Born Under a Bad Sign”

13:00 AMRAP of:
13 calorie Row
13 Toes to bar

Post rounds to comments.

(Planned start times:  0545, 0630, 0800.  Post others to comments.)

Coach's Notes. 

Row.  A few suggestions / things to review:
  • Cycle through "units" on the rower to get to the calories setting.  Recommend setting your damper to achieve a drag factor of 130-140 (ask a trainer, or see link below).
  • May want to position your C2 advantageously to minimize your transitions.
  • For planning purposes...based on the data on the C2 site, a 1:45 pace converts to 13 cal in :35.  So, plan on about :30-:40 splits for your row splits.
  • Keep this time (or your stroke count) in mind in case you have a rower display malfunction due to a bad battery.  Don't stop and fight the rower, just keep on truckin'.
Toes to Bar -- if you haven't completely figured out TTB yet, check out the AF video below.  The most efficient way to get 'em done is to use a kip similar to your pull-up.  It's all about managing shoulder and hip angles, not just core strength...  Scaling options include knees to elbows (kips still help), or hanging leg/knee raises to parallel.

Why Dan Marino?  Because he wore unlucky #13, played for the Dolphins, and never won a championship.  Continuing along a different line of reasoning...the 'Fins stink, and you are sure to feel the suck on this WOD (disclaimer -- poster is a Pats fan) Suppose we could have gone with Wilt Chamberlain, but "unlucky" probably isn't the most accurate word to describe him and his legendary exploits.

Training Resources.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press & Pushups (CTD) superset
3 sets
10x bench press @ 135lb
push ups to failure* @ 16/10/10

13:00 AMRAP
13x hang squat clean @ 65lb
13x TTB

5 rounds even
No way this type of WOD would work at Globogym. They would scold me for moving the rowers. Even still someone would attempt to start squats or bicep curls at the power rack while if I were on the rower...

*failure was defined as pausing or breaking form. Strict chest to deck push-ups.

Russ Ames said...

7 rds, then 2 TTB
....still working on Kipling TTB. Lots of wasted time at the bottom of the hang.

Sadr City King said...

7 rds, then 4 TTB. Hands are raw, can't type correctly....

Jake78 said...

Did Strength work today, since I "missed out" on the Memorial Day WOD and we burned the last two days.

Went Starting Strength Style courtsey of Ol' Rippetoe.

Back Squat @250 at 3 sets of 5

Press @95 (figuring out form better) 3x5

Deadlift @315x1x5

Warmed up progressively to my working sets on all lifts and did a bunch of mobility work with my shoulders before and after. I had some extra time this morning!

Jake Atkins

Jared said...

7 rounds plus 12 cal row. Total failure of grip strength. Wasted time on and off the bar. Surprised at how tight my shoulders are from yesterdays iBurpees.

Andy said...

7 full rounds + 12 cal. Everyone has a point where you can't string together your TTB. This WOD will find it for you. HS walks afterward, wasn't feeling it today.

Funny, Scott. I distinctly remember getting yelled at for taking off my running shoes to deadlift at my last post. I am going to miss the Bubble when it's time to leave.

Andy said...

Nice score, Jared. Sure we would have gotten 8 if we'd been going head to head. And I like "iBurpees", I am stealing that.

monroe said...

6 rounds, 2 cals. Couldn't find any rhythm on the monkey bars today!

rob said...

8rds + 7 TTB; my forearms and hand grip gave out earlier than I thought; excellent WOD. We ran 2 flights of 7 and then a 3rd with 4 folks. I think this shows that there are people reading the website and choosing their WODs.

Tomorrow we have a team WOD (2-person). Invite a friend. We can scale and sub everything we are doing. It's a great one for showing new comers the type of work we do.