May 15, 2013

Thursday 05.16.13

As a two person team, 5 RFT of:
Early Group Results

Box jumps (24/20)
Sprint 400m

At 3,2,1 athlete sprints 400m while the other athlete performs box jumps. Athletes switch movements and that is one round.  After the team has completed five rounds, note the total time and number of jumps for the team's score.

Post time and number of box jumps to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Your legs are going to fatigue with the box jumps and the sprints, don't degrade into a disorganized blob that just plods thru the parking lot.  Organize your head position, your shoulder rotation and think about how your feet are going to land on the pavement.  Spend some time in warmup running with deliberate mechanics so you have that feel to come back to in round 4 and 5.

Training Videos.


Jake78 said...

Figures I would mention we never do just plain old box jumps...

monroe said...

Jake,if you think that was funny, just wait 'till next week!

Ross said...


This whole Army folks not being able to access IMCF webpage thing isn't helping my worries about talking to myself too much...

Missed yesterday as I was on the road all day, 10 hours of sitting in a van makes for stiff body today..

I subbed the WK 2 SQT Challenge for this today.

Run 400m
30 BS@95#
Run 400m
20 FS@95#
Run 400m
10 OHS @95#
Time - 8:04
Then I finished off by redoing my OHS 5x5 work from Monday a little heavier this time.

5x5 OHS @155 then a max rep set got to 10 reps @155 started getting unstable so I quit there. Will post on the Wk2 Challenge post also.

Andy said...

Nice work, Ross. Also did the squat focus WOD today, 9:08. Ended up partitioning FS/OHS into 2 sets, cost me some time.

Followed with a quick one, 3 Rds of 1:00 each MU and BJ: 7/18, 4/13, 6/15. Sweaty hands messed with my false grip.

Great to see a mass start this morning on the Partner WOD, thanks to Rob for corralling folks. And a productive (if small) Coach's Clinic. There is a big gap to bridge between understanding the movements and being able to convey your knowledge to others. Takes practice...

Jodie Kunkel said...

Team solo just finished Kelly in 37:27. 5RFT 400m run, 30 box jumps (20in), 30 wall balls (14lbs). It felt like I was plodding through mud, but I didn't eat the box.