May 1, 2013

Thursday 05.02.13

5 RFT:
5 Handstand pushups
5 Deadlifts at body weight plus 20 lbs per round (so that your fifth round will be BW +100 lbs)

So a 180# person would lift 200, 220, 240, 260, 280.

Post time to comments.  And let us know what form of pushups you elected to do.

Coach's Notes. 
A quick one today, changing plates will probably take as much time as anything else.

The prescribed movment here is handstand pushups.  Technically a handstand pushup has your head travelling below your hands, i.e. you are using parallettes or plates stacked on the deck.  If your hands are on the deck then it could technically be called a headstand pushup.  Subtle difference in the two movement standards.  Handstand PUs require more strength due to the depth but either is a fine movement to practice.  Most of the CF community does not distinguish between the two.

Scaling can be accomplished in the following ways:
  • Be less than pure vertical on the wall...such as inclined at a 60 deg angle facing the wall
  • Piking on a your feet on a box, legs straight and pike at the waist so your hands are below your shoulders
  • Using two bands off a pullup bar and run one thru your shoulders for assistance
  • Negative pushups...go down until your head is on the deck then stand up.  Repeat only doing the downward motion of each rep but not pushing out of the bottom position. 
Do not scale the range of motion.  Go all the way down and all the way up (except for negatives).  Use whatever form of scaling you need that allows you to still do full range of motion for all 25 reps.  Avoid overextension of the back and of course keep a tight belly and a tight butt.

Training Videos.
  • The Pocket Gymnast advocates chest facing the wall.  See why in this video.
  • And a great link to a free CFJ video by Laura Galassi on handstand basics and how to build capacity in HSPUs.


Jake78 said...


Instead of 3 minutes of jumping rope, just did 100 double unders.

Still took me 16:00, but I was happy to be able to do the pull-ups!



The transition of weight was most time consuming thing. Happy to be able to do handstand push-ups, even as sorry as they were!


Jared said...

No time component today. Started at 195 and ended at 275. DL were very slow and deliberate trying to work the form. HSPU were on the bars. Very slow and deliberate full ROM. Today was more of a skill day.

Ross said...


Missed this morning due to having to go hike around the woods for four hours to help put in a land nav course trying to go hit the gym this afternoon, but wanted to put this out incase not everyone knew it.

The journal is apparently now free for all to get an account and read articles.

I went to renew my subscription on Tuesday, and the only option it gave me was free 12 month so I signed up and then wrote customer service to let them know there was something wrong with their subscription service and asking how I could pay my fee; well this is what I got back -
"Hi Nelson,

The Journal is now free! This change occurred this past Monday.

Camille Lore
CrossFit Customer Service"

So if you don't have an account go get one, lots of good stuff there..

rob said...

I did sets across at 285 rather than the increaded load between rounds. I also got about half true HSPU and the other half head-stand. 5:32. I had to do this one alone as I was a late comer to the gym this morning - no fun.

Ross said...


Finally got over there.

Scaled the HSPU (as usual) facing the wall hands about 18 inches out.
BW = 230
DL (started with 25 over, made it simple for math reason)
255, 275, 295, 315, 335
Time - 5:02

Andy said...

Ross -- great news on the Journal. Will spread the word on the main blog, thanks for sharing.

4:01, took a cue from Rob and did straight sets at 275 (BW +100). Finished with ring dips and pull up variations, some light core work.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Another delayed entry

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 275/280/285/285/285

7:37 for WOD
DL @ 195/215/235/255/275
scaled HSPUs using blue-green band combo