May 26, 2013

Squat Challenge - Week 4 (27-31 May)

Pressed for time this weekend, here are the big pieces for Week 4 of the Squat Challenge.  Want to get it out there early so you can plan ahead, will update with some details soon.  Squat Trifecta Total is scheduled for next Tuesday!

Strength and Conditioning.  Looking to switch it up and work in some high rep and speed strength workouts.  Two goals this week, recommend getting one in Wednesday around the main WOD (G focus) and the other in a separate session if possible.

1.  Front Squat 2 x 20
  • 1st set: at (50% of 1RM)
  • 2nd set: recover fully, adjust weight and shoot for 20RM (unbroken)
2.  15 min EMOM: 5 x 3 at 50% of each 1RM (OHS / FS / BS).
  • Focus on hitting the EMOM, quick weight transitions, and moving the load as fast as possible on each rep.
Mobility Focus.  Back to K-Star for two more vids.

  • "Squat Cycle: Part 1" - First in a 3-part series on prepping for/improving squat mobility.  IF you like what you see, click on to part 2 and part 3.
  • "The Two-Squat Squat" - not really mobility focused, but the related topic of positioning. Discusses how the way you take the bar from the rack sets you up for success (or failure).

Technique.  Check out this video from Chad Vaughn (Olympic medalist and frequent CF Journal contributor) for his take on BS, FS, and OHS.  Strong emphasis on skill transfer to weightlifting, lots of good info throughout.


Andy said...

Got in the EMOM today. 5x3 each at 50% 1RM, focus on depth/speed.

OHS - 105, FS - 125, BS - 155.

Went slightly higher, still felt pretty light. Able to move pretty quickly though. Given the training intent and state of my legs, that was OK. But, probably doable at 65%.

Ross said...


Ok I think I am a week behind due to vacation. Today did the 2x20FS

I did 2 sets of 20 at 155, I would say that is my 20RM for the FS, it beat me down.

Andy said...

Welcome back off vaca, Ross. Nice work on the 20RM, I never got a chance to try it out. I have heard it's horrible.

Heads up -- programming the 3RM Total for tomorrow as a test-out/end to the challenge. I should have posted some guidance last night.

If you want to lay off a day on the Total, I can send you this weeks programming to swap around as needed.

Ross said...

Thanks, I am going to do the total either this weekend or next week as I am driving to JBLM out in Washington this week, worked out with CF Billings this morning trying Missoula tomorrow, if nothing else I will get some awesome t-shirts.

JeffreyShockley said...

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