May 12, 2013

Squat Challenge - Week 2 (13-17 May)

Happy Mom's Day and apologies for the late post.  Thanks for grinding out Week 1, here's the plan for this week.  Listen to your body and modify as needed.  Keep logging your sessions/thoughts in comments here, it's good to see how others are doing and helps motivate/shame us all into getting it done.

Strength and Conditioning.  Two goals this week, listed in priority:
  1. For at least 2 of the 3 movements (BS, FS, OHS), complete a 5 x 5 at (60% of 1RM, or about 70-75% of your 3RM).  Shoot for impeccable form...resist the temptation to go heavier.  Warm up and get your working sets in at the recommended weight, add load in small increments only. LAST SET (#5) of each is a Max Rep set...perform as many unbroken reps as possible without sacrificing form. (recommend Mon/Tue pre-WOD, make-ups on Friday).
  2. Perform the following WOD, either off-schedule or in place of the IMCF WOD (recommended day is Thursday):
Run 400 m, 30 Back Squats (95/65)
Run 400 m, 20 Front Squats (95/65)
Run 400 m, 10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
Mobility Focus.  First, 2 quick diagnostic tests to better understand your areas that need work:
  • "Is it your Ankles or Hips?" - get low and figure out if it your ankles giving you fits at the bottom of your squat position.  If not, shift extra emphasis to your hips and posterior chain.
  • "Is it your Shoulders?" - many of us have trouble maintaining an upright torso in the OHS.  If you've got the shoulder ROM at the top, you'll still have it at the bottom.  
Then, armed with this new knowledge, get to work.  Incorporate into your warmup, especially on squat days:
Technique & Skill Work.  Use your cooldown time to work some drills that will help your FS/OHS.
  • Handstand Holds.  Freestanding or against the wall.  Great transfer on wrist mobility (FS rack), core strength and balance, and shoulder strength and position (OHS).
  • Snatch Balance.  Exercises bottom and overhead positions while improving your comfort getting under the bar.  Light work with a pipe or empty bar, or if you are comfortable with the movement get some reps at medium weight.  Longer, informative vid with Burgener here.


Ross said...


Decided to hit this one early in the week. Probably could have pushed more on the max rep set for both exercises, needed someone there to push me and help keep me in it mentally.

I may redo the OHS section later in the week. I never truely have worked to a true 1RM on OHS so I used my 3RM from last week but used the wrong multiplier (the one for 1RM). so probably went a little lite the OHS think I will try again at 135.

BS: 5x5 @ 225 then max rep set of 15 @ 225.
OHS: 5x5 @115 then max rep set of 15 @ 115.

Andy said...

Slight deviation from the plan. Did 5x5 box movement, not entirely comfortable with it yet. Supposed to have big benefits in engaging hams/glutes, and developing starting strength from the hole. We'll see. Lots of mobility before, handstands at the end.

BS: 5x5 @ 185 to a 12" plyo box, last set of 8 reps.

Andy said...

FS today 5x5 at 135, max set of 12.

Heads up. thrusters tomorrow, plan on the run/squat WOD Thurs, then Fri has some pulls from the ground...if that helps plan your efforts the rest of the week.

Ross said...


Man cannot type today...

Run 400m
30 BS@95#
Run 400m
20 FS@95#
Run 400m
10 OHS @95#
Time - 8:04
Sqt work felt really good almost a break from the runs, runs hurt today especially after being in a van for 10 hours yesterday.

Then I finished off by redoing my OHS 5x5 work from Monday a little heavier this time - probably got the weight about right this time.

5x5 OHS @155 then a max rep set got to 10 reps @155 started getting unstable so I quit there.

Andy said...

9:08 on the WOD above. Runs were OK, legs got a little heavy. Decent squats on all rounds, but probably didn't push as hard as I should have. Could have used a better warmup. Full of excuses today.

Matt B. said...

Late post for last week. Got the 5x5 for OHS @ 75#, with 10 on the last set. Got 5x5 for BS @ 165#, with 5 on the last set.