May 5, 2013

Squat Challenge - Week 1 (6-10 May)

For the next 4 weeks of the Challenge, check here on Sundays for a weekly outline leading up to the Squat Trifecta Total in June.  Use these weekly posts to log your activity, and ask questions related to the challenge, or coordinate small group sessions.  

Three things to incorporate into your workouts this week:

1)  3RM Baseline Testing.
Over the course the week, find or update/verify your estimated 3-rep max for all three squat lifts (back squat, front squat, and overhead squat).  Sessions should be brief and done prior to IMCF main WODS or METCONs, or at a different time of day if schedule allows. Warm up, then take about 10-15 mins to work your way up to a 3RM.  Try to get there in 3-5 sets max, and don't get too far out of your comfort zone...none of your sets should cause you to fail.

NOTE.  Based on this week's IMCF programming, recommended splitting these up Monday & Tuesday, using Friday as a makeup day.

2)  Technique Tabatas.
As part of your warm-up routine, perform air/PVC squats (all types) in a tabata format (8 rounds of :20 work, :10 rest for 4 mins total).  Slow down and forget the scoring aspect...aim for 8-10 textbook reps per set. Use training aids as needed (med ball for depth, pole for upright torso, a bench for vertical shins, etc.) to address your weaknesses and promote good form.

3)  Mobility Focus.
All week (and throughout the challenge) incorporate pre- and post-WOD mobility work targeting the posterior chain, hips, shoulders and front rack.  Darn Mobility WOD site is down for maintenance today...  Google or YouTube search away: "(body part) mobility" -- share any gems you find to comments.


Andy said...

BS 3RM: 255
FS 3RM: 205

BS has suffered since summer. Previously logged 285...having trouble pushing through the middle, may be an upper body position issue. Frustrating. Planning OHS for Tuesday.

Matt B. said...

OHS 3RM: 100#
BS 3RM: 225#

Arms/shoulder seemed to be limiting factor on OHS. Had to hold the bar up longer so I could give each rep full focus and attention. Trying low-bar BS, whereas I've always done high bar. First few sets were tricky, trying to find the right place to rack the bar. Seemed to have found a groove right on the rear deltoid, not necessariliy putting all the weight on the shoulder ridge bone. Felt much more leaned forward than HBBS, but I didn't lose 225#, so it must have been over the center of gravity, right?

Andy said...

OHS 3RM to 170. Happy with that!

Performed as 5x3, 135-145-155-165-170. PR for both 3RM and total weight.

Meghan Smith said...

BS 3RM: 115
OHS 3 RM: 65
FS 3RM: 85

All lower than previous but I attribute that to several things: I've been delinquent in my lifting--have worked a lot at 50-55%, not enough at 65-70%...I've been delinquent in periodic heavy 4 year old has lousy coaching cues. :)

Ross said...


Finally got this knocked out.
Did them in the following order,
FS: 275
BS: 315
OHS: 165

FS: felt good and was very happy, started to loose grip on last rep of last set but made it through.

BS: was not happy with this performance, number is probably about right as my 1RM is 365 the last time I did a CF Total.

OHS: I was pretty happy with this. I felt really strong and honestly doing the 3 OHS @165 was "easy" the hardest part for me was snatching it into position probably should have tried this from a rack and seen if I could have gone higher.

Russ Ames said...

Weak from 5 days off, but:
fs: 185
Bs: 235
:Ohs: 95

Andy said...

Great stuff, glad to see a good chunk of people posting for this week. Hopefully, have some others out there following along.

Ross, you sandbagger! I am sure your OHS is higher, especially jerking to overhead from a rack. Awesome FS.

Focus next week is 5x5s and some volume work at light weight. Check for details on Sunday.

Matt B. said...

165# front squat today. I got fooled by the Barney plates. Ithought the 45# i loaded on was a 25# and was getting down for how heavy "95#" felt. Kept adding weight and by the time I figured it out I had just gotten third Rep at 165#.