May 13, 2013

Site Access Issues

Have not been able to access the IMCF blog from a government computer since about Wednesday last week.  Starting to suspect that we somehow ended up on the NEC blocked site list, not sure if it is a local filter or something wider.

Looking to confirm/deny if others are having the same problem.  Would appreciate a chime-in from people around post (MCTP/CGSC/hospital/CAC HQ/others).  Have a ticket in with the big Army help desk, may need to take some more aggressive action if we're on lockdown.

I mean, I can see why they'd do it (I am hitting productivity PRs at work!)...but c'mon.  It's Squat Challenge season.


Ross said...


I hope you get it fixed, lonely on the posting blog..

I have entirely a different problem here, I am on a college network and cannot access half of the military stuff I need to access or if I do it is slow as hell..

NGM said...

Andy, yeah MCTP is blocked from the blog as well. Its a conspiracy!

Andy said...

A C-O-N-spiracy, if you were a fan of "In Living Color". We've got our best man on it (Mike D. works at CAC G6).

He also found a temporary workaround. Google IMCF and go to the down arrow (drop down
box) in the URL hyperlink. Select "cached" and it will take you to a recent version of current site. You won't have full access, but you can view WODs and link to comment pages.