May 12, 2013

Monday 05.13.13

For time:

Row 2000 meters.

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
A straightforward monostructural movement today.  Consider some skill work either before or after the WOD.

Tip:  Check your rower drag count during your warmup and consider how much drag you want on your "boat" for this WOD.  A drag count of 140 is common but nothing wrong with using more or less based on how much work you want to do in 2KM.  A higher damper setting results in more drag and will require more work to go 2KM.  Use the Utilities (or Options) on the screen to check the drag count.

Training Videos.
  • From CFHQ, a video on COMMON FLAWS in using the ergonomic rower.
  • From CF Invictus, a description of rowing MECHANICS to focus on.


Ross said...


I hate the rower, but I hate the rower more after a squat workout.. Actually it would probably help if I approached the machine more than I do.

Row 2k - Time - 7:43 one second faster than my Jul 2012 2k row. Drag was a 145.

Squat work posted on SQT challenge Wk2 thread.

Noah said...

Rower 7:39 at 160 drag.
Added weighted pullups and deadlifts in there as well.

Erik said...


Andy said...

Squat work first, posted to challenge thread...second your opinion, Ross.

Row DNF, weak sauce. Came out too hard, hit the 1k mark and had to rest. Rested 1:1, then did the 2nd half. 3:34 and 3:44. Need to warm up before I start pulling, and settle into a better pace.

Max free handstand holds after, best was 23s.

Matt B. said...

Ran a 5K this weekend. Haven't run more than a mile in the last year, but I somehow got my best 5k time ever by over a minute - 22:43. I'm certainly far from the strongest or fastest in IMCF but I'm way stronger and faster than I've ever been in my life. Spent the rest of Saturday and today digging post holes, hauling material, and mixing concrete. That's what came out of the hopper. My wife made an awesome dinner to get a pot roast out of the freezer, paleo sweet potato roast. Highly recommend:

monroe said...

From Tampa: Got up early and PT'ed with Russ and Ken. Did 10 minutes of TGU's with 40lb, then 2 k row, 8:15.

Jodie Kunkel said...

Ran almost five miles this morning - my route fell short of .05miles. 4.95 miles at 48 min. Trying to train up for the 10 miler. Had every intention of coming back in the afternoon to row, but a nap was preferred after classes.

Russ Ames said...

40lb tgus, then 2k row 8:07