May 27, 2013

Coach's Notes for June

First, a fond farewell to the many IMCF athletes finishing up classes and getting ready to head back out into the Big Army.  Thanks for your efforts here and continue to spread the functional fitness word wherever you are headed!  A few changes in store as we go through our normal summer transition.
  • Standard Start Times -- trying to get back to a little more unity and structure in what we do.  We are organizing group starts for all IMCF WODs, starting with morning sessions at 0545 and 0630 (WOD brief and warm up about ~15 mins prior).  Would like to do the same in the afternoon if there is a demand.  Request your feedback on this week's WOD posts to arrive at times that work for the majority of us.
  • Friday Team WODs -- that's right, back by popular demand...starting this week, return of the Friday group WOD.  We have some good ones lined up, so come on out and bring a friend.  
Second, some housekeeping notes and events.
  • Foundation / On-Ramp Classes. Taking a knee for June. Will resume in July, next planned date is Sat, 20 Jul 13.  Pass the word to friends/neighbors/coworkers.
  • Skill Seminars.  Monthly clinics are on hold for now. Will do some deliberate planning and start them up again in later in the summer.  Look forward to some more monthly challenges, though.
  • NKC Summer Crush.  NKC CrossFit will be hosting the "Kansas City Summer Crush" on July 13th-14th.  There will be divisions for individuals (Rx, Scaled and Masters) and Male/Female Teams (Rx and Scaled).  Should be a great event, for more info visit their FB link.
Finally, thanks much to the dedicated CFers that braved the elements and came out to throw around some kettlebells at our Memorial Day WOD this AM.  First time tangling with "Arnie" for most, all did an outstanding job!  Lots of hard work and a fitting tribute to a fallen Hero.

Memorial Day WOD 2013 - "Arnie"


Jared said...

I will be there at 0730 ready to start the WOD by 0800. Anyone can join.

viri Morman said...

Just attempted my first crossfit workout and even though I only got through 3/5 sets, it felt awesome! My body didn't appreciate it but my mind loved it. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Andy said...

Way to go, Viri! Stick with it. Pushing through on these workouts is equal parts physical and mental, and it sounds like you've got the right attitude already. The rest will come, quicker than you think.

viri Morman said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement Andy!