May 3, 2013

IMCF Challenge #1: "The Squat Trifecta Total"

Welcome to the first installment in the IMCF Challenge series!  This month-long event is designed to improve your ability to squat. Squatting is one of the most fundamental and powerful movements in your inventory.  Improving your capacity to squat will yield benefits that transfer to countless other movements.

The challenge officially began with the Squat Skill Seminar on 1 May and ends in a competition style WOD during the first week of June:

   "Squat Trifecta Total (STT)"
   In 30 minutes or less, find your:
   Back Squat 3RM
   Front Squat 3RM
   Overhead Squat 3RM

   Score is the sum of the 3RM loads for each movement (275/185/115 = 575).

In between, we have planned 4 weeks of training to help prepare you for the Big Show.  Some workouts will be programmed as IMCF WODs, some are designed to be completed on your own. The intent for the programming is to tie in with instruction provided at the Skill Seminar, reinforce proper technique, and build confidence getting under the bar and squatting.  A basic outline is presented below.  Every weekend of the challenge, we will publish a detailed post outlining the plan for the following week.
  • Week 1:  Light Volume & Baseline (establish current 3RM for BS/FS/OHS)
  • Weeks 2 - 4:  Squat-focused Strength & Conditioning 
  • Week 5:  "Squat Trifecta Total"
This challenge is designed for everyone, whether you own a monster squat already or are still perfecting your form with a PVC pipe.  You can judge your STT performance by the total score, or by the % increase over your start point next week.  Either way, participating will improve your general strength, and help you progress as an athlete.  So...DO IT!

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