May 30, 2013

Friday 05.31.13

In the spirit of Regional Team WOD 6…

In teams of 2, for time:

50 Handstand push-ups; partner holds handstand
50 Pull-ups; partner hangs from the bar
50 Shoulder to overhead (115/75); partner holds plank
100 Double-unders, swap every 25; partner holds bottom squat position 
120’ Weighted lunge (45/35 plate), down and back in the bubble; partner trails in a bear crawl.

Switch as needed, but only one partner works at a time...the other must be in the "rest" position.

Post team time to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Return of the Friday Team WOD!  This one is special, because Jacob Heppner kicks off his North Central Regional Games experience on Friday in Chicago -- his Individual WOD 1, Heat 3 starts at high noon.  We'll send positive vibes his way by kicking off Friday with a Team WOD modeled after one of the Regional workouts.

Looking for max AM participation with a single start, timeline is below.  Recommend starting your warm-up prior to brief at 0545.  If you can't make it in the AM coordinate a start time on the blog.
0545 - WOD brief / form teams
0600 - Start time; additional heats follow if needed.
Scaling.  If any of the movements look tough, take comfort that Jake will be performing the same tasks solo and at a much higher weight.  Still, lots of ways to scale everything.  Discuss with a coach and come up with a plan.

Training Resources.
  • "NorCal Regional - Team WOD 6" - complete footage (21:00) from last week's regional competition.  Combined M/F teams of 2, top team finished in 9:26.  Unbelievable.
  • "Breaking the Mental Barrier" - quick read from Josh Bridges of CF Invictus.  "Your body can handle more than your mind thinks it can. Don’t let that little boss in your head beat you." 
AM Group Results


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

23:41 for team "Me"

Scaled the HSPU with a blue-green band combo
Also as a scale, I rested between efforts - I did not hold the partner position while catching my breath, etc.

100x alternating (50 ea.)
Scaled with TRX assist for balance

Sadr City King said...

1530 RX. Finished strong with Ben, I spent entriely too much time on DU....gotta get better. Great Workout!!!

Erik said...


3-man team (Wade, Josh, Erik) added reps for 3 people:

75 Regular Push Ups
75 Pull Ups
75 Shoulder to OH
150 DUs
180' weighted lunge, 35#


Andy said...

Always good to see the outlier participation, nice job from Deutchland and the Left Coast! Charles, don't sell yourself short...the photo says 15:03, unless you were suffering from some post-lunge dyslexia.

21:20 with Mike this AM (near Rx, some box HSPU).

STRONG showing by Jake in Regional WOD 1, with a 5:20 Jackie good for 5th place. Keep your foot on the gas!