May 23, 2013

Friday 05.24.13

Run 5K.

Post time to comments.  Compare to 02.07.13.

Coach's Notes. 
  • 5K loop -- start & finish on 4th street by the Bubble. Around the golf course to Kearney and Sherman.
  • 5K out & back -- start by the bowling alley STOP sign, turnaround just short of stables.
  • Google pedometer is another great tool to create your own route with decent accuracy.

  • Training Videos.


    scottnkelly9901 said...

    IMCF Hohenfels:

    5K Run
    27:08 @ 153bpm (42 sec recovery)

    30x tire flips

    Andy said...

    Tweaked my ankle playing softball, so 5K was out...will try sometime this weekend.

    Squat challenge heavy singles and makeup of Diane. Posting results there.