May 16, 2013

Friday 05.17.13

Achieve a one rep max of a one arm deadlift (left and right).

Post weights to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
We're kickin' it old school with an old variation on a classic movement.  The photo above shows straddling the bar but you can also setup as a normal deadlift with both feet facing the bar.  It is also optional whether you wear your unitard.

We often perform asymmetric lifts in life but rarely practice them in the gym.  Lifts like these are good diagnostic tools and will rapidly expose gluteal, hip, midline, shoulder and grip dissymmetry. Start light and work up slowly to a 1 RM.  Grip the center of the bar and keep everything square to the bar (knees, hips, shoulders). Make sure there is no slack in the system before you pull by setting your back from the top (standing), then screw your feet into the ground to farm some torque.

Training Videos.
  • Here is a CFJ Video that has KStar discuss proper deadlift setup.  A CF Journal subscription is required to view the video.  Now that CF Journal subscriptions are free, go sign up for one!


Ross said...


Started the morning with an easy 3 mile jog with the pooch.

Next went in and made up Jackie from Wed that I missed finished in 7:31 - RX'd felt pretty good with my time and wasn't overly beat.

Finally got to the 1 Arm DL:

I really liked the 1 Arm DL, maybe it was cause i was so worried about doing and hurting myself or because the weight was lighter than normal, but I really felt like my form was rock solid all morning doing this. Now who know I may not post the best numbers but I liked how it felt.

Did both R and L arms:
95, 135, 155, 175 then grip was gone.

Started doing them with wraps - did both R and L arms alternating working up:
195, 215, 225, 245, 265

Then came back down and just for confirmation went without wraps did 165 and 175 again with each arm.

Great week of programming..

Jake78 said...

Never tried the one armed dead-lift with weights, always just do it with stuff, like crates, luggage, kids.

I managed to get to 205 before my grip failed me, then with the hook grip I got to 235 both arms. That was enough!!

Good training!

Jake Atkins