May 9, 2013

Friday 05.10.13

Weighted Pull-ups

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
You can treat this as a work capacity effort or ease into it and go for a 1RM.  Either way, try to increase the weight each round.  Experiment with different grips: alternate, chin (palm facing in), or the usual overhand.

This WOD leaves plenty of time to do skill work, either at the end or in between sets.  Pick a goat or anything that doesn't use the same upper body pull motion.  Handstand practice, max height box jumps, L-sits, pistols...  Try something new.

Honestly, the Bubble is limited on options once you get past 50lb DBs.  If you have a weight belt with chains or webbing for hanging plates, bring them in and share.  Or (get your pitchforks) head over to Gruber for this one.  It's good to see a Hammer strength machine and an elliptical every now and then anyway.  Keeps you grounded.

Training Resources.
  • Mastering Weighted Pullups - article from Tactical Athlete, very thorough tips on performing strict pullups with a load.
  • "Weighted Pullup Variations" - HQ video with a bunch of ways to get 'em done.  Creativity is key.
  • "WOD Demo - Weighted PU 3-3-3-3-3" - courtesy of CF HQ, also shows a variety of ways to get it done.
  • "The Weight" - classic jam from a creatively named band: The Band.  Going way back to 1968 on the ol' Retro Jukebox.  I think they played this one at Mark's junior Prom.  Take a load off, Fanny.  It's been a grueling week, something relaxing to send you off into the weekend.


Charles Day said...

Morning All, knocked out a quick bout of Helen this morning at 7:00 min, before hitting the flight line. Got short notice TCS orders to spend the summer in Afghanistan so ill catch up in the bubble on the return! Best of luck and stay strong.
Doc Day

Ross said...


Finally got back on schedule today and was able to hit the gym.

I did the Squat Challenge Base line, posted on Week 1 Thread.

Weighted Pull-Ups. All but last one done with normal PU Grip
1@+90 This one was close may not have counted
1@+90 Changed to a reverse grip for this one made it easy.

Russ Ames said...

You too charlie. Catch you this fall.

Meghan Smith said...

Working strict pull ups so I did the set of 5 without weight and then did the remainder with 3, 5, 8 lbs.

Then did 200m run, 25 med ball cleans (20#) 4 rounds.

Russ Ames said...

Squat benchmark from monday-posted there-, then 2500m row. TDY to macdill next week with Mark, so will get back up to speed then

Andy said...

Charlie, happy travels and speedy return.

Pull ups to singles at 90-95-100-100. Just shy on 100s. Tried switching grips, couldn't get the last 2". Did big box jumps in between, got to 46".

Anyone else have trouble accessing the site from work today? Hoping it was a temp glitch, not some kind of filtering on the network...

Matt B. said...

I had trouble too, but I heard rumors of weighted pullups so that's what I did. At Harney. Three sets at 45# following some snatch work (7x3 @ 75/85#) and my front squat 3rm.