May 2, 2013

Friday 05.03.13

Drum roll..........

Swim one mile.
Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Many of you probably just uttered an expletive at seeing Friday's WOD.

You know the bubble is going to be a soggy mess anyway so why not use the pool.  Plus we have to stay prepared for the unknown and the unknowable, right?

And think about how great your weekend will be knowing that you stared this WOD in the face and didn't blink.  So grab your swim goggles, your water wings and shave off all your body hair and get to it!

Our Harney pool is 25 yards long, so that means 70.4 lengths of the pool equal one mile.  Or 35.2 laps (down and back).  And if you truly cannot muster the endurance for the full mile then at least try for something close.

Training Videos.
  • And for some motivation, if these guys can conquer their fear of the pool then you can too!  "Hey you!  I know you, I know you!"


Andy said...

53:15. Google tells me an average high schooler swims a mile in about 19:00, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Swam it more like 35 x 50yd intervals. Did feel better on the 2nd half than the first as I settled into a smoother stroke. All in on the whole body shave next time. That should definitely get me under 50 mins.

Jared said...

Very few comments this morning... Swam 27:31. A little over the 1:30 per 100 yds I was shooting for. My revenge for all of you that enjoy 30 muscle-ups for time.

Brandi said...

48 minutes. I took a few breaks that lasted too long. Music would have been helpful.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

A week of "late posts"

This pesking JOB thing keeps gettting in the way of WODs.

Saturday's WOD

43:27 as Rx'd

Anthrax booster on Wednesday has definitely impacted performance over the past few days. Hopefully, today worked out the kinks and I can get back to "normal" on Monday.