Apr 30, 2013

Wednesday 05.01.13

3 RFT of:
21 Pull ups
21 Kettlebell swings (53/36)
Jump rope for 3 minutes

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Coach's Notes.
Today has three movements that will place a tax on your shoulders.  After Tuesday's cleans, your shoulder capsule could probably use some prep for this WOD.  Pull some shoulder mobs out before the start.

Goal is to jump a rope for three minutes, not spend the time unwinding the rope from your shins or head.  If double unders aren't happening today then do singles.

Training Video.
Have you ever considered your head position in a pullup?  Then check out this video.


NGM said...

Noah 14:40 RXd. Had to break up the last set of PUs and KBS into 16&5.

For jumpropes decided to do 100 DUs however long it took and then do singles for the remainder of the 3 mins. 100/175, 100/105, 100/55. Could you tell I was losing my coordination?

Andy said...

every :40 for 4 mins @ 115:
1 x power snatch
2 x snatch grip push press

every :40 for 4 mins @ 165:
2 x power clean
1 x push jerk

15:29 Rx (55) on the METCON. Jump rope only took me 9 mins!

Finished with max box jump to 45".

Ross said...


Felt slow and tired today on pull ups, and then had someone who insisted on talking to me the whole time I was doing my first round of jump rope - completely threw me out of my game..

Time - 15:45 used 55# Dumbbell for the KBS.

Jared said...

15:15 but subbed jumping pull ups to protect my shoulder at full extension. Still working DU but was generally able to alternate 10 singles and 10 doubles. Discovered through exhaustion that my rope speed when working doubles may be too much. As I tired the rope slowed and my DU's felt better.

Erik said...


14:05, 60# KB, all single-unders

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Late (days) posting...

4 mile run ~35:04 @155bpm (recovery ~55 sec)

18:57 for METCON
subbed 55lb DB ILO KB

1 minute static holds
2x Hand stand
2x Pull up (hang)