Apr 23, 2013

Wednesday 04.24.13

20 Minute AMRAP:
30 Double-unders
20 Sit-ups
10 Push press (95/65)

Post rounds completed to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Leverage that dip-drive on the push press with a solid rack position.  Connect the bar to your delts on each return to impart as much velocity/momentum as possible on the way back up.  Don't let it float out in front!

Count on the push press messing with your DU ability.  Commit to 30 DU, or devise a scaling plan and stick to it every round (max reps DU and finish with SU, or 10 DU and 60 SU, etc...).  Sub singles at a 3:1 ratio, but if you've been at this for a while it's about time to get serious on improving your DU.

How?  A few vids with pointers below if you haven't seen them.  Play around with different ropes, maybe back off the speed ropes and work with something heavier so you can "feel" the rope better and work on timing.  Bottom line is (no surprises here)...you gotta do them.  Remember the 10 skills -- adaptations in accuracy and coordination come through practice: deliberate, repetitive activity that improves function in the nervous system.  3 times a week, finish your WOD by jumping rope.  Slowly build up volume, gradually shift focus from singles to DU.  It's like magic when all of a sudden...it just clicks.

Training Videos.


John T. said...

IMCF Baghdad.

I should have scaled or something. i struggled through 7 rounds and then felt sorry for myself and only ran two miles versus my scheduled 5 today. I guess you cant be a hero every day.


Jodie Kunkel said...

Completed 5 rounds plus 90 single unders. The rope and I fought the whole time making even single unders difficult. So I sped through the sit-ups and push press just to lose time on the rope. Hopefully someday I will find a rhythm.

Ross said...


Did mine with AB mat sit-ups, 11rds+ 30 DUs

Todd Tompkins said...

Good WOD - although I suck at DU.. Had to do 60 SU each rd:( Does anyone know a good jumprope to get for learning DU? Would really appreciate it or any other tips..

rob said...

We had a big group do this one together this morning. It's so much better when we get all that energy going at the same time. 11rds +30 DUs +15 sit-ups. I didn't have anything left to make a push for 12rds; I was actually glad the clock went to 0:00 when it did! Good WOD.

Todd - You can spend $10 to $60 on a rope. As you get started with DUs, I'd suggest a 'heavier' than 'lighter' rope. Heavy is relative, but it should have more weight than the ones in the bubble. Make sure that it is adjustable so that you can size it to yourself. Finally, make sure that the rope rotates/swivels around the handle.

I learned DUs on a $12 rope from Wal-Mart and would still have it had it not finally wore out and broke in two pieces. The rope I have now cost $35 and I am happy with it.

I'd be happy to talk with you more about it in the bubble.

Jared said...

Did APFT this morning. Plan on doing this one tomorrow instead of the run / pushups. Been working DU every day and finally able to get 10-12 every string.

Andy said...

12 rds + 20 DU. The DU were flowing today, got all but 2-3 rds UB. Unheard of for me.

Todd - like Rob, I learned on an El cheapo cable rope. It definitely helps to have a heavier rope starting out so you can "feel" the rope better and get the timing down. You can test run my old one for a while and see if it works for you.

Noah said...

Made this one up on Thursday.

10 rds plus 30 DUs and 5 situps...Rxd.

DUs were unbroken which I was happy with. PP never had to put the bar down but did rest on some reps in the latter rounds.

Andy, 12 rds, that is crazy sick man!