Apr 9, 2013

Wednesday 04.10.13

4 Rounds For Time: 
Run 400m
50 squats

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Coach's Notes. 
Not much to be said on this one...linkup at the track and get it done.  Push your partner, keep them honest on squat form -- chest high, weight in the heels, proper depth -- even on (especially on) round 4.

Warm up well with a light jog, some strides, some dynamic stretches.  Raise your core temperature and loosen up the legs before go-time.  When you finish, do the same in reverse as part of your cool down.  Light activity (accelerations, jogging, skipping) and some stretches/mobility work to fight off the delayed onset soreness.  Just some thoughts from someone who knows what you're doing tomorrow...

Training Videos.
  • "Demo - Sprints/Squats" - old vid of Chris Spealler (8:34) and Zach Pine (9:33) performing today's WOD.


Russ Ames said...

18:50 , with Rx plus 50 push-ups each Round. APFT coming soon.

Really wet track, but at least it didn't rain!

Erik said...



Ross said...


12:42 - squats were really slow today after yesterday.. Followed up with an hour of scraping ice off the driveway and sidewalks.

Jake78 said...


My 400's were more like rapid trots than dashes though. I was feeling sorry for myself out in the rain.

Bubble looks quite swampy too.


Sadr City King said...

13:33 Rxd. legs are feeling it after the last few days of air squats. Great workout and teaches you how fatigued legs feel. Charles

Andy said...

Missed the AM, going to try to hit the track for warmup at 1700 if anyone wants to join. Could use the mo-mo.

Andy said...

11:49, look forward to revisiting this some time with fresh legs. 400 pace fell off big time. Great travel WOD for the road.