Apr 29, 2013

Tuesday 04.30.13

In two-person teams, 21:00 AMRAP of:
Max distance Row, 3:00 (pacing exercise)
Max reps of Power Cleans (115/75)

One member rows for three minutes while the other performs power clean, then switch.

Post total distance rowed and number of power cleans to comments.

Note:  Do not rely on the rower clock for your time, even in the transition between athletes it will stop momentarily and result in going longer than 20 minutes.

Coach's Notes. 
7 x 3:00 work periods means one partner rows 4 times, one gets 4 rounds of cleans.  Play to your team strengths, or work on your weaknesses. 

There are two kinds of lifters in the world: those who have tweaked their back doing power cleans and those who will tweak their back doing power cleans.  This weight is not going to tax your system too much, but the number of reps certainly will.  Performing hi rep, low weight cleans while under metabolic load could lead to sloppy mechanics.  Don't do it!  Resist the urge to just throw the weight around.  Midline stability will save you from injury in the thoracic spine.

Training Videos.

First video below is 90 secs from Coach B.  Note what he says about leading too early with the arms.  After coming off the rower and thinking "legs, back, arms" you're going to want to then pick up the bar and bend the arms to pull that weight up to the clean position.  Think hips, hips, hips.  And then bend the arms only to drop under the bar.

  • And a one minute video with a good slow motion power clean.  Note the arms.
  • And a bonus video from the early days of the Mobility Project.  KStar talks rowing and hip mobility all in one.


Ross said...


Great workout
Solo WOD for me this morning, so I started and finished with the Row

RD 1 - 756m
RD 2 - 35 Cleans@115
RD 3 - 754m
RD 4 - 35 Cleans@115
RD 5 - 726m
RD 6 - 35 Cleans@115
RD 7 - 713m

TOTALS: 2949m and 105 pwr cleans @115.

Tried to stay consistent with the cleans first round did 10 then broke into sets of five, was able to stay with sets of five the next two rds with short break in between sets.

Rowing really started to take its toll after the first two rds as you can my distances really started to drop.

Skipped yesterday's MU WOD and subbed the army APFT.. It went well, but man I hate that thing. Only 6 more of them required until I am eligible to retire...

Andy said...

Brutal. I also performed solo, same format as Ross.

Row(m): 860 - 690 - 591 - 535
PC(115): 25 - 15 - 23

Total: 2676m, 63 PC. Really slow on transitions. Probably wasted :30+ each time, and row pace definitely dropped off quickly. Great job on the PCs, Ross.

Noah said...

Ross and Andy...you both should've Skyped with each other and then it would have counted as a team WOD.

Team Jared/Noah...4660M on the row and 172 PCs. Jared took the lion's share of the work and did 4 sets of PCs.

Ross said...

Ha ha, never thought about doing a skype WOD, that would be an interesting event...

Brandi said...

Thanks to Laura B. for coming in to do this with me. We scaled to 65# on the cleans and added an extra round to make it 24min.
Finished with 5086m on the row and 234 cleans.
Really focused on hips for the cleans, good tip!

janakehau said...

Shoot, didn't write down the rowing distance, scaled to 55# and did 207 reps. We probably took way too long on transitions too so will stop being lazy next time.

rob said...

Dwayne and I knocked this one out, good WOD: 4235m, 187reps