Apr 22, 2013

Tuesday 04.23.13

6 Rounds for Time:
7 Ring dips
8 Front squats (115/75)

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Coach's Notes. 
A little task-priority, G/W couplet for you tomorrow.  Focus on full range of motion and proper body position for both exercises, and storm through for time.  Get some quality mobilization exercises in before go time, maybe some kip swings and band stretches for the shoulders.  Work on loosening up the hip joint and posterior chain to prep for the squats.  A little increased ROM in these areas will help you maintain a solid, upright position on your front squats.

If you hit a bottleneck on rings (especially in the AM), keep moving and sub 10 x bar dips or bench dips.  If you need to scale your dips, preferred option is assisted ring dips with a band or two followed by bar dips or bench dips. Then, commit to some future skill work to build up the stabilization muscles and strength needed for ring dips.  Ideas in the Spealler video below.

Training Videos.


John T. said...

IMCF Baghdad Embassy

I messed up and did 6RFT 6 dips 7 squats. It still took me 8:07.

100 ABMAT situps 2:59. I'm doing 100 a day for a month.

4 mile run 28:12

janakehau said...

Missed my battle buddies today! 6:22 with 65# and had to go to jumping negatives after a few rounds of the ring dips, then some ab work but nothing major.

Jodie Kunkel said...

As prescribed with the some help on the rings - 6:45. Sharing the rings with Meg helped with speed. Thanks, Meg!

Sadr City King said...

6:23 as Rxd: legs felt really good today! Charles

Allan Jackman said...

6:51 Rx'd. Give me more squats!

Meghan Smith said...

9:54 @70# and red band on the rings. I let myself rest more than I should have on a few sets of FS, but such is life. :)

Ross said...


Felt good on this today.
RX'd @4:31... Dips felt better than they have in a long time, only the last set did I have to break and reset after 5 and finish the last 2. FS - me like...

Andy said...

4:46 Rx. Underestimated this one...it's always the simple ones on paper. Short and painful, good WOD Mark!

Led in with Snatch singles to 155 and Snatch Pulls, 3x3 at 185. Followed with deficit HSPU (2 x 45 each side) work. Got 2 sets of 1 strict, and 4 with a kip.

Thanks to Noah & Jared for policing up this morning (and every morning). Bubble is in swamp mode. Forecast looks good for the rest of the week, though...hopefully dry by Sat.

Noah said...

7:28 Rx'd. Usually would scale to band assist at some point but was able to do them all kipping without the band today.