Apr 15, 2013

Tuesday 04.16.13

“Goat Rope II”

5 RFT:
24 Double-unders
18 Burpees
12 Thrusters (75/45)
6 Toes-to-bar

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
This METCON is designed to build some volume doing the things you hate/love in numbers that will build your confidence and get your heart pumping at the same time. Mmmm…roasted goat!

Let's organize some group starts on this one.  Find a partner and get to it.  If you have trouble with unbroken DU or TTB, set a goal and stick to it each round (fight for 10 DU and finish with singles...alternate single DU with single jumps, etc.).  You gotta do 'em to get better at 'em.

Training Videos.


Allan Jackman said...

Goat video....

monroe said...

This workout was inspired by the Pope Lick Monster.

John T. said...

ok IMCF community. I havent posted in a while out of sheer laziness. Just letting you know that IMCF Baghdad Embassy is still alive. I'm out of shape though and that workout was a very painful 26:14

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Scaled/modified the thrusters with my 70# sandbag. Haven't used it in a while and this was a great WOD to reintegrate it.

Dreadfully slow on the burpees everything else was generally unbroken.

@John T. good to know you are alive and well. According to the news Iraq was "exciting" the other day.

Russ Ames said...


Got 3-4 DUs at a time first round, then went to singles for intensity's sake.
Shoulder dictated front squats vs thrusters.
Mistakenly did 8 TTB vs. 6

Drink water!

~ 19:40

Jake78 said...

So I can knock out the double unders and toes to bar unbroken and easy, but boy oh boy those burpees and thrusters slayed me!!

Wound up at 23:40 and was happy to be done.

Started at 85 on the thrusters, math in the morning... but after round 3 I realized my mistake and dropped to 65lbs.


Jodie Kunkel said...

Ugh. Sheer exhaustion after that. As prescribed (with the exception that double unders went to single unders when they got too dangerous - I have marks everywhere) at 36.44. My shoulders are smoked!

Sadr City King said...

finished at 16:54 Burpees maimed me. starting to work the double unders 2-3 at a time, now I have to work on stringing them together. Great workout. Charles

Ross said...


Yeah that was a smoker. RX'd @19:33 generally unbroken on everything but burpees, I say generally because I only hit 23 DUs on one set and had to reset to finish the round - what a pain.

Burpees killed me as they always do...

Noah said...

17:40 RX'd. Burpees were the most painful but the thrusters messed with my mind. Broke up the last two sets of thrusters, everything else slow but unbroken.

Jared said...

18:30 as RX'd. First time I have ever strung together multiple 8-10 DU sets. But I payed for it, looking like I was scourged at a pillar. Thrusters and burpees sucked like normal. Overall a good WOD.

Andy said...

C&J singles to 210 (PR). 210 popped up nicely, then got sloppy on the dip/drive, tried to press out 215 and it hurt. Hopefully not a lingering hurt.

METCON - 15:54 Rx. Feel strong in all of those exercises individually, but stringing them together (esp burpees/thrusters) was a smoker. Always good to practice tired DU.

Great to see this much traffic on comments today!

rob said...

I think I'm doing a little too much too early, but the WOD went well. I could feel some knee discomfort and a lot of weakness on the thrusters. All else was fine. 15:48. I don't think I'm fully back yet, but this was a good gauge of my recovery. For the last week I was doing only a few exercises that minimized knee bending and I probably need to stick with that for a while longer. We had 11 in our group this morning and it's hard to stay away from motivated folks who aren't reluctant to make themselves better; maybe I need to get a month's membership to a 'Fitness Gym' and find some machines.

monroe said...

18:49 Rx. If you didn't look it up, the Pope Lick Monster is the "Goat-man," scary stuff.

Rob, 15:48, "The WOD went well." You're killing me.

Brandi said...

This was a hard wod! 18:35, subbed 3:1 su for du. Need to work on those. I don't like thrusters and I don't like them even more when they come after burpees.

janakehau said...

I can only do DUs 2 to 3 at a time, feel like I'm in Kindergarten or something but gonna work on it!

Started with weight as prescribed but quickly realized that was going to be beyond my capabilities after the first round and dropped ten pounds off.

Very slow and painful 20:33 but happy to be done!