Apr 1, 2013

Tuesday 04.02.13

200m Walking Lunges for time in the following scheme:
10 Lunges
1 Burpee
10 Lunges
2 Burpees
10 Lunges
3 Burpees

In other words, every ten lunges stop and break for burpees.  Do one burpee after the first 10 lunges, 2 after the second 10 lunges, and so on (increasing burpees by +1) until you reach the 200m finish.

Post time and largest set of burpees completed to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
ADMIN NOTE: The Bubble is reserved for a CGSC event Tuesday morning, so do your best to stay clear from 0530-0800.  Assuming the normal 0545 group is on; post other track linkup times to comments.

Dress warm and get out on the track for this one.  The rubber surface is a heck of a lot more forgiving than asphalt when kissing the trail knee on the ground.  Warm up well with a jog and some strides, and follow up with some light running and stretching to combat the usual posterior chain soreness from the lunges.

Everyone hates Burpees, because they suck.  They suck because they're hard.  They make your lungs burn and they smoke your...everything.  One of the hidden benefits of burpees is that they develop skills that carry over into other gymnastic movements and even to the Olympic Lifts.  Watch the intro video below...if it piques your interest, there is a six (yes, 6) part series available at NAKA Athletics.

Training Videos.
  • "Demo: Walking Lunge" - short demo/points of performance from Reebok CrossfitOne.  
  • "Burpee Skill Transfer" - HQ video with Carl Paoli.  Some basic efficiency notes, and an intro to the benefits of the burpee (aside from pain tolerance). See notes above.


Andy said...

Planning a later start around 0615 if anyone is up for a slow-mo 200m race.

Allan Jackman said...

That sucked. 23:16 & 171 burpees.

Andy said...

Concur on suckiness. 16:29 and made it to round 16 on burpees (136 total, was able to go unbroken on all...big time saver). Burpee broad jumps would have been a welcome addition...don't think I've ever said that before.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

35:56 & 210 burpees or 20 rounds

I've realized that I really don't like burpees...

Ross said...


I was pushed for time here today so I did one circuit around the indoor track here which is 160M so a little short of my 200m.

time: 15:40 made it in thirteen rounds of Burpees for a total of 91 Burpees if I did my math right.

Matt B. said...

18:42 for time. I think I got through round 16 of burpees. I say I think because I may have skipped the round of 8's and gone right to 9's. hard to count to 10 lunges and keep track of the burpee set at the same time. Need to go find ranger beads or borrow some pennies from Rob.

Jake78 said...

23 minutes and some change.

Made it to 16 on the burpees too, but I reckon mine were much slower than Andy's!


Jodie Kunkel said...

184 lunges. Don't want to think of the total of burpees. I ran to the track from my house and I almost bit it on my way back - something about not being able to get my leg high enough to miss the curb. Love it!! Can only imagine how much fun walking will be tomorrow :)

janakehau said...

Totally missed the coach's notes so we did our workout in the middle of the bubble...down and back, down and back, down and back, down... finished before that group got started though but it felt like forever. Really hate burpees so stretched my legs out as much as possible for lunges and made it to round 16 on burpees. Body. Hurts. Already.