Apr 24, 2013

Thursday 04.25.13

In two-person teams, perform 3 RFT:
Run 1 mile (as a buddy run)
100 Push-ups (total)

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Plan for start times at 0545 and 0615!  Other times to comments.  With all the APFTs going on at the track, recommend using the DFAC road course.  One route idea here, do your pushups in the grass and you get the variety of some rolling hills on the run.
  • Buddy Run -- Each team must begin and end each mile together.  Try to pair with someone of similar ability, and push each other hard. 
  • Pushups -- only one athlete works at a time. Chest to deck, full extension at the top (hand release for bonus points).
Scaling -- try to avoid it if you can on this one and lean on your partner to get you through the suck.  If you need to scale the run volume, consider reduced (800m/800m/800m) or descending distances (1m/800m/400m).  If you need to scale PU, go to knees but keep full ROM.

That's right, partner WOD on Thursday!  We are experimenting with a more systematic approach to programming, and letting the workout structures dictate opportunities for Team WODs rather than forcing them in on Friday.  We'll see how it works...if you have an opinion one way or another post to comments, we'd like to hear your feedback.

Training Videos.
  • "CF Pushup Standards" - HQ vid.  None of those Arrrrmy pushups!  When we say CF standard pushup we are talking rigid body, chest to the floor and full extension at the top.  Note, CF pushups ≠ hand release pushups.  HRPU are only required when specified.


Todd Tompkins said...

If anyone wants to do an afternoon session I will be at the track at 1300. Thx todd

Todd Tompkins said...

Shoot forgot ile switched the sched due to ihof. I will be at the track at 1500 not 1300. Sorry for the confusion.

Ross said...


Solo today as usual, and almost skipped this WOD, just cause I did not want to run... But I did it. Ran the indoor track which is a pain, 10 laps = 1 mile - just kills the knees and ankles being in a constant turn, runs were not my best splits but I was ok with them being on the indoor track avg just over 7 min each. did all the push-ups (meaning I didn't scale to 50 since I was solo), but had to go to knees for the last 15 PU, just had nothing left and felt like I was going to face plant.

Time - 29:57 sorry miss typed the first entry.

Andy said...

Solo effort, 2 RFT with 50 PU in 16:33. Had to shorten it due to time...that's what happens when I skip mornings.

Todd Tompkins said...

Awesome wod did the whole thing solo in 34 min