Apr 17, 2013

Thursday 04.18.13

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run
Rest as needed between efforts.

Post times for each round to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
ADMIN -- there will be an outside group of about 30 in the Bubble early (0530) on Thursday.  No issues if you get out on the track, or down on the airfield APFT route.  Coordinate group starts in comments.

Precede with a good, dynamic warm up of skipping, high stepping, short sprints, and the like.  Exercise discipline in your pacing, and strive for the same quality of effort on your 4th repeat as on your first.  Shoot for hard, consistent efforts holding splits within 3-5 seconds.  Rest long enough to regain your breath and recover fully, but don’t allow yourself to get cold.  See notes below for more info.

Training Resources.  Words mean things, and we are running repeats today (not intervals).  Debatable, but I buy into the distinction.  A quick terminology review from Tom Green at Runner's Lounge:
"The key difference between repeat training versus interval training is the recovery period. In repeat training we allow full recovery; in interval training the recovery time is limited. The so called "interval" time is the time between runs spent recovering."  
So what's the difference...and why are we doing what we are doing?
  • Repeats improve the speed, efficiency and fluidness of our leg turnover. Repeats don’t improve our ability to run sustained speed; those improvements come with interval and threshold training. We run repeats to become familiar and comfortable with a higher intensity of running. Repeats generally come before interval training in order to help the body adapt to running faster with full recovery before adapting to limited recovery.
  • A general guideline when running repeats is to take two to four times the duration of your repeat to recover.
  • Interval training is marked by running at a challenging pace, stopping to rest—but only partially recover—and then resume running while our heart rates are still elevated—and while we’re still sweaty. The goal for interval training is to “accumulate” time spent running at a very high level and increase our body's ability to adapt and eventually run at a sustained, higher anaerobic pace for longer periods. Over time, interval training helps us string together multiple demanding efforts into that dazzling 5k or half marathon PR.
  • For interval workouts, a general guideline for the amount of recovery time between runs should be equal to or less than the time spent running. 
More info in the full articles here:  Repeats and Intervals.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


3.38 miles in 1:05 at 110bpm
70lb+ load

First PT footmarch in some time. Heaviest load by an even larger term.

15x tire flips (HMMMT radial)
3x rope climbs (~25ft)

Ross said...


I too ventured away from the WOD today. Did interval training yesterday with Cadets and was am schedule to take APFT tomorrow (but the snow storm may convince me to postpone until next week. So instead I did more of a skill day.

Worked on some Box Jumps, OHS @ 135, Squat Snatches @95, 115, 135; some hand stands, and pistol balance.

Sadr City King said...

great for getting back into running. I had a group of three to push me. It is of value to running in adverse conditions....never know what life is going to throw at you.
a couple of notes:

-on the right hand side of the road there are numbers that correspond with distances, multiply by two and you have your correct distance. It pays to run hills. Charles

Andy said...

4 x 800 - 2:52 / 3:02 / 2:52 / 3:09
Ran the middle stretch on the airport road...can you tell which way the wind was blowing?

Short on time, limited intervals to 3:00. Did not warm up or cool down well. I am sure I'll pay for that tomorrow.

Jess said...

4 X 800 - 4:00/ 4:20/ 4:25/ 4:28

Matt B. said...

Andy, didn't you know I begin every day with skipping and high stepping, along with songs from the retro jukebox?
Good perspective on repeat vs interval. Is you're goal to absolute speed or to hold speed over longer distances - let the rest time follow suit.
I have neglected what used to be a strength, leading to kipping pullups now being a goat. 3x25 pullups as part of a DU, PU, abmat METCON were definitely the limiting factor. There's always something to work on, even the stuff (you think) you're good at.

John T. said...

IMCF Baghdad Embassy here. I am late on posting. I did standard warmup. I had to run into strong headwinds for half of the run. I took 1:30 breaks and ran:

2:44, 2:48, 2:50, 2:48

I finished by running 5k in 20:54