Apr 28, 2013

Monday 04.29.13

30 muscle ups for time.

Follow with 100 AbMat situps.

Post time to comments.  And...if you get your first muscle up today you better post that too!

Ring availability on the two 12 foot stanchions will be tough in the morning.  Be kind and share the rings with others while in your WOD.  If you need to come off the rings and rest for a few breaths (or several) between reps then let someone step up and do the same.  Sacrifice a little time to let your fellow CrossFitter jump in.

Admin Info.
  • First, congratulations to the newest Level I Coaches from the IMCF community.  Will get some pics posted soon from the certification.  And, thanks to all who helped set up our Bubble in preparation.
  • On Monday morning, we need to put our Bubble back in working order.  Early AM athletes, please plan a little time to help move the platforms back in to place.

WOD -- Coach's Notes. 
Many, many options to scale this WOD.  A common substitution is 3:1 pullups and dips; meaning you do a total of 90 pullups and 90 dips in the following fashion:  3 pullups, then 3 dips equals your first muscle up.  3 more pullups, then 3 more dips equals your second muscle up and so on.  If you use this option, either do the pullups and dips in the rings or on a bar.  A dead hang pullup (for as many reps as you can do) will help develop that strength to eventually pull over the rings.  Also, a deep dip that moves the shoulder well below the elbow will help develop the necessary range of motion to make the muscle up transition in the rings.

Muscle up progressions are wide and varied.  Too many techniques and videos exist to post them all here but some common examples are lowering the rings to where you are able to stand and reach up for the rings but still have your feet on the gournd and use your feet to 'jump' into the start of the movement.  Additionally, you can lower the rings so you can use your legs on the floor to assist in making the transition into the dip.  Lastly, the bands can be used between the rings to allow you to 'sit' on the band and receive some assistance in making the transition.

Regardless of whether you do strict muscle ups, kipping muscle ups, muscle up progressions or pullups/dips, the movement starts with: a tight butt, legs together, ribcage down and a tight belly...every time.  Shoulder mobility should include some posterior shoulder rotator smash with a lacrosse ball and some anterior shoulder smash from the front.  Check out mobilitywod.com and the first link below if that makes no sense to you whatsoever.

Training Videos.


Jodie Kunkel said...

I'll be taking a break from CrossFit this week to participate in the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge. Wish me luck, especially for the 200meter swim. This land mammal does not do well in water. See you back in the Bubble in a week. Cheers!

Brandi said...

Thank you for the explanation of scaling options.

Jake78 said...

30x Muscle Ups for time:


Pretty good, got to bust out my new wraps and they helped! Dropped 4 minutes on my time for this one!

Bubble should be back in order, thanks all for helping!!!


Andy said...

6:44. First time finishing this WOD. Usually come out of the gate too hard and run out of gas. But, tore up my palm pretty good...that's a new one. 3:23ish on the SU.

I second the thanks on moving platforms back. Appreciate the help.

rob said...

5:50; I was moving along quickly but the last 7 took too long. Shoulder strength is still an issue but it's returning. The doc said it would take a year for full recovery and it will be 1-year in two months...he knew what he was talking about! Imagine that!

Quite a few folks this morning were doing MUs, progressions, or mixing the sub 3:1 with as many MUs as they could get. It was good to see a strong commitment to getting MUs.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Late post today...

3-mile run @ 26:20 ~155bpm (44 sec recovery)

30x MUs on pull-up bar scaled with green band (not my day for MUs)
10 rds of 3 pullups and dips

4:07 for ABMAT situps

10x finger tip Burpees
Shoulder mobility

Jared said...

The weekend's activities left my shoulders rather destroyed. Spent a long time on mobilization then did feet supported - low ring MUs to exercise false grip and transition through the window.

Jacob Heppner said...

Haven't Posted here in a long time! Redid 13.3:
12 Min AMRAP
150x Wallballs
90x Double Unders
30x Muscle Ups