Apr 25, 2013

Friday 04.26.13

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
As described in the Barber vid below, two general approaches to this one.  You can work heavy sets across to maximize total weight lifted, or make some big jumps and try to match your 1RM PR at about round 5.  Then you have 2 lifts left to set a new personal best.  Focus on the little things, lift hard, and be smart and safe. 

REMINDER -- As you finish up your AM WOD this morning, wee need assistance moving platforms and other heavy stuff in the gym.  Then, please make an effort to be here Friday afternoon, 1500-1730 to help with final cleanup for our event tomorrow. 

Training Videos.
  • "WOD Demo - Pat Barber" - HQ video, good intro comments.
  • "WOD Demo - Rob Orlando" - Great video.  If you are comparing your skills to Rob O's, this video is deflating.  But his insights are relevant to anyone, whether you are fighting to break the 200lb barrier or 600 lb.


Jodie Kunkel said...

7X1 @ 205/225/235/240/245/250/255

I love deadlifts! Really I do.

Noah said...


PR by 10#s. Had been mentally stuck at 315 for some time. Glad to get past it, even if only by 10#. Swam (or is it swum?)afterwards.

Ross said...


Noah, good job on the PR.

Took the cadets on a 6 mile ruck this morning - but ran out of time to hit they gym for DL.. Guessing I probably won't go this afternoon as I think I will enjoy the sun and hit the road for a while on the Harley.....

Andy said...

Pretty sure it's "swummed"...

DL: warmup to 315-245-365-315-345-345-345
Slight PR in total weight for 7x1, but I was shooting for a new 1RM and missed. Jumped up way too quickly, 365 was not pretty in the back and neck. Dropped weight, but focus just wasn't there.

Great job to Charles with a big lift! And many thanks to all that helped straighten up this AM.

Jared said...

Did a long mobility session plus continued work on Double unders - slowly getting there. The 275,275,275,285,285,295,305 then back down to for a couple at 275. Still off my PR at 325 but at least got above 300 for the first time in a while.

On a side note I was in the Adidas shop at the legends Wednesday night and they had the power lift trainer shoe on sale for 49.99. Even better take a friend because they are buy one get second at half price. So you could get two for less that one pair normally.


They had a decent selection of sizes but the clerk said they rarely get these shoes in stock.