Apr 18, 2013

Friday 04.19.13

“Jump Around”
As a three person team -- perform 1,000 reps for time of:
Box Jump (24"/20”)
Standing Broad Jump
Jumping ring dips

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes.
Each team must perform 1000 total reps (all tasks combined, not 1K of each) and at least 100 reps of each task, aside from that it’s up to you how you sequence and partition the tasks (and keep track of your reps).
  • Standing Broad Jump. -- no buffoonery, each rep should be at least as far as you are tall.  Julio Jones (WR - ATL) has an 11' 5" broad jump.  Just sayin'.
  • Double-unders -- aim for no subs.  If you absolutely must, sub singles at 4:1 ratio.
  • Jumping ring dips --  adjust rings just under chest height, so you can hit the bottom of the dip position with your feet on the floor in a quarter squat.  Impart a little momentum with a jump, and press out to full extension in a powerful lockout position (external rotation of the hands). Recommend adjusting the rings for your tallest athlete, then using bumper plates to achieve the
    right height for the vertically challenged so you don't have to goof with straps.
Up to you, but based on prior experience I plan on wearing shoes with some cushion. Save some abuse on your knees, calves, and the balls of your feet.

Training Videos.
  • "Jumping Dip Demo" - best I could find, from Bonfire Health.
  • "Recovering Your Jumping Calves" - re-posting a KStarr vid on calf mashing.  If you feel some weekend tightness, revisit and try some of the suggestions in here.
  • "Jump Around" - Retro Jukebox, on autopilot this week...like there was any other choice?  It's the clean version, because functional fitness is a family affair.  But if your kids are any good at madlibs, they'll probably be able to fill in the blanks pretty easily.  House of Pain from '92 sending you into the weekend.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM ~145)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 100/105/115/120/125

Modified METCON

500x DUs @ 12:48
100x Box Jumps (24") @ 11:00
100x Broad Jumps (2m) @ 16:45
30x TRX push-ups (ring PUs) @ 4:47
20x Dips (bar) @ 2:09

Total: 750 reps @ 47:32

Wasn't sure I'd be able to do the broad jumps knowing how they usually impact my plantar fasciatis. Surprisingly little impact. May feel it more later today or tomorrow - nothing a bit of mobility work won't fix. Now, if I could just get this shoulder impingment to heal faster...

Andy said...

Teamed with Matt, 17:12 total time. Scaled for 2 people at 667 reps (rounded up to avoid the WOD of the Beast). I feel lazy after reading Scott's post.

Experimented with box squats and max handstand walk afterward - 25', huge PR. Something clicked today.

janakehau said...

Two person team today with Gwen so modified 1000 down to 667 reps required. Still did 100 minimums for everything but here's how it worked out:

28:39 total time
165 box jumps
110 standing long jumps
185 jumping dips
225 double unders (4:1 single ratio instead of DUs)

680 reps total (if math is right)

Matt B. said...

Nice job on the hands Andy!

Jon Ramirez said...

28:16 team of two. It's taking me until today to be able to walk to my phone and update this status. Standing broad jumps were killers.