Apr 4, 2013

Friday 04.05.13

What's that?  Failed your Thruster exam yesterday?  Here's some remedial training...

In two person teams, perform 5 sets for max reps:
Alternating Thruster ladders (1, 2, 3, 4, etc...)

Men - 135/115/95/65/45
Women - 115/105/95/65/35

With a two-person team, grab one bar per person and two 45, 35, 25, and 10lb plates per bar.  Load each bar with 135lb and arrange team to face each other.  On “Go” one team member does one thruster, then the other person does one thruster.  Next the first member does two thrusters, followed by the second doing two thrusters.  Repeat in this fashion until either member cannot mirror the effort of the preceding effort or progress in repetitions.  When this happens, strip the bar and load it with 115lb.  Lower the weight and continue the effort all the way down to the empty 45lb bar.

The bar may be held in a front rack or rested on the ground between attempts but the member must begin their round as soon as the preceding effort is over.

The team that whines or cries the least wins!  Post team rep totals by round to comments and on whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. 
Let's get some strong groups going.  Group 1 - 0530 show, 0545 go.  Group 2 - 0600 show, 0615 go.  Post to comments with other recommended start times!

When posting, bonus points for calculating total weight (loads x reps).  100 burpee penalty for inflated scores due to math errors. 

Training Videos.
  • "Thruster Demo" - short and sweet refresher on execution & points of performance.
  • "Man in the Mirror" - hey, say what you want about MJ.  This song rocks, and if someone plays it Friday morning I guarantee there will be Thrusters performed in epic quantities.  Even if you have to work through tears of joy like the girl at 1:22.  Retro Jukebox, taking you back to the simpler times of 1988 and sending you off into the weekend.


Allan Jackman said...

Watch out, this became the never ending WOD this morning. Try setting goals for each weight set and transition between partners as quickly as you can. Overall, very good thruster work.

Gary and I got to the following reps.
135: (x15) 225
115: (x21) 2415
95: (x36) 3420
65: (x66) 6270
45: (x120) 11,400

Total (x258) 23,730

Allan Jackman said...

Forgot to mention that the numbers are per person.

Russ Ames said...

473 total (157 each) for john, Carlos, and myself. Had to call it good after 10 @ 65 lbs due to time.

Matt B. said...

Grace as Rx @ 4:55. Sets of 6-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-singles. Compare to 33 C&J on 13.4 last week, and an 8:55 Grace just 1 month ago. The difference was playing with "Games" intensity instead of being lackadaisical with rest time.
Read a Rippletoe article on squats last night, so I gave the low bar back squat a go this morning at 135#. I've always only done HBBS. Neat article: http://startingstrength.com/articles/squat_rippetoe.pdf

Andy said...

Teamed with Josh for this one, number at each weight is the highest set we both completed:
135: 4
115: 6
95: 10
65: 12
45: 21 - no ladder, just max set

374 total reps, 30190 lb. Agree it took a long time, but early on we weren't quick getting off/on the bar. Doing so would have shortened WOD time due to pace & fatigue.

I always joke about WODs that "sneak a Karen in there". This one was nearly 4 times the thruster work of Fran. Maybe she's not so daunting next time.