Apr 24, 2013

Bubble Prep -- HELP WANTED

As you probably know, IMCF is hosting a Level 1 Trainer Course this weekend.  Members of the HQ Seminar Staff will be visiting (always fun to see who shows...) as well as 50+ athletes and trainers from all over the Midwest.  We take pride in our Bubble, and want to provide the best training environment possible.

Here's our plan to get ready, and how you can help:
  • Friday AM -- Immediately after the morning WOD (~0615) will be reconfiguring the Bubble to maximize floor space.  Please stick around and lend a hand on moving some of the heavy stuff.  We can easily get it all done in 15-20 mins with the right number of hands.
  • Friday PM -- Maintenance begins at 1400, request max participation from 1500-1730 for a final clean.  Focus is a sweep and mop, thorough wipedown of all equipment, and general organization.  Any help would be awesome, even if you can only drop in for a bit.
  • Monday AM -- Be prepared to help move heavy stuff back first thing on Monday AM.  
Appreciate any support you can provide at these times, and also by taking a "clean as you go & put stuff back where you found it" approach the rest of this week.  Thanks much!

1 comment:

Jared said...

I will be there from about 1400 until complete. I will bring a shop vac and push broom.