Apr 17, 2013

Announcements & Reminders

On-Ramp Support.  Foundations/On-Ramp session is scheduled for Saturday, 0830-1230.  It is projected to be a small class...if you have some prospects, encourage them to sign up and attend.  We have enough instructors to get it done, but additional trainers are always welcome.  Observing and assisting is a low-threat way to build your skill as a trainer and give back to the community.  Contact Charles <cscharlesslider4@gmail.com> if interested.

Bubble Cleanup.  Following the On-Ramp, we will be doing a deep clean of the Bubble to get ready for our L1 Cert next weekend.  Please make an effort to show and pitch in.  Details to follow in an email, but bring along any cleaning supplies you can spare (push brooms, shop-vacs, scrub brushes, extension cords, etc...).

Outlaw "Para Bellum" Clinic.  Since the Games, I know of a number of athletes that have become interested in the Outlaw Way site.  They just released registration info for a 3-day training camp at NKC Crossfit in Gladstone, MO from 15-17 Nov 13.  I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out quickly...details here if interested.

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