Apr 10, 2013

2013 Open Games Wrap-up

The 2013 Open Games are officially done and in the book.  Great job by the whole IMCF community -- as athletes, judges, trainers, and supporters -- throughout the past five weeks.  Loved seeing people come together and make it happen.

Notables.  Outstanding efforts week in and week out by a lot of different folks, but there are a few that must be recognized.  No surprises that Jacob Heppner owned our leaderboard, but 27th in the Region is just incredible.  If all goes as it should, Jake will receive an invitation to Regionals tomorrow and is making plans to be in Chicago from May 31 - June 2, 2013 to tangle with the Big Dawgs.

And then there's Mark Monroe.  Mark finished 4th regionally in his division.  Unreal.  Alas, there are no Regional games in the Masters divisions, and Mark narrowly missed the cut line to advance to the Big Show.  Nonetheless, a stellar and inspiring overall performance by the guy that makes it all happen for IMCF.

In short, we're proud and fortunate to have these two athletes in the Bubble.  They set an amazing example for the rest of the gym in their work ethic, their passion and understanding for the sport, and their dedication to giving back to the community.  Pass along your congrats when you see them next.

Team Competition.  157 out of 223 regionally...eh.  But if 130 teams or so decline their invites...so you're saying there's a chance?

A closing thought...  Yes, the Games are officially over, but their conclusion presents an opportunity.  There was a unique atmosphere in the Bubble on Thursday mornings, Saturday afternoons, and all the sessions in between.  A feeling of accountability and competition that generated intensity and summoned forth our best effort.  That is the communal aspect of CF at its best, and there is no reason that every day and every WOD shouldn't be or can't be more like that.  We owe it to ourselves to recreate that dynamic wherever we can by forming more regular workout groups, coordinating more "3,2,1..go" group starts, pushing each other to give our all, and building on the momentum provided by the Games.

Anything to share on your Games experience?  Love to hear it, post to comments...
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Allan Jackman said...

Gotta thank IMCF for its professional operation of the Open and willingness to work with people's schedules.

Now only if we could always have the bubble open on Saturdays...