Mar 22, 2013

WOD 13.3 Judge Coordination

WOD 13.3 posts tonight at 1900.  We will support the usual Thursday/Friday AM sessions as a start point and have scheduled a Saturday session at 1300 (see full post).  Request and coordinate additional judge support in the comments if needed.

For Games athletes on the road for spring break...plan ahead.  If you are not able to WOD at IMCF you must: a) find a local affiliate and link up there to be judged, or b) submit a video of your workout to the official Games site.  Ensure you read the rule book and the specific instructions posted on the WOD standards/scoresheet.  If you find yourself in a bind, get in touch and we'll try to work something out.
Judge roster and contact info posted here, but please use this site for routine coordination.
  • JUDGES - please nominate times you are available, or if you plan to support a scheduled time.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and post a comment to confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, request a time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below, check comments for the most current info.
All locations at the Bubble unless otherwise noted.
     0545-UTC:  MAIN SESSION 1.
     1200-1330:  (T) Mike available
     1700:  Charles, Meg +TBD
     ~0615-0730:  Post-Team WOD (Judges TBD)
     0930 start:  Meg +4 judges
     1200-1330:  (T) Mike available 

     AM:  NOTE - Bubble reserved for TRX session (CSM Parson)
      1300-1430:  Mark and others TBD


Mike D said...

I will be available at lunch again this week... let me know if you need to be judged for 13.3!

1200-1330 Thursday and Friday

Russ Ames said...

I'm in for thurs and Friday mornings.

Jared said...

I am in a conference all week and leaving TDY Saturday morning, could make a 1700 start time Thursday if anyone can judge.

Scott S said...

Hey all, I have one athlete that will need to be judged Sunday morning, he flies back in Saturday night. I can judge, but looking at locations. He said he thinks gruber has medballs, but not sure if they are the kind we normally use.
Is the Riverside community center open for a Sunday morning WOD? He does not have MU and doesn't really have DU, so really just need a 10ft target and a medball.

Any thoughts?

monroe said...

I'll move a ball to Gruber Saturday and tell them what it's for. Who's coming to the bubble at 1300 Saturday?

Jacob Heppner said...


The RCC has Medballs, just like the bubble. What time were you thinking for Sunday morning, if Elizabeth can't open it for you I may be able to.

Mark I'll be in the bubble at 1300 on Saturday with you.

Allan Jackman said...

I plan on showing Saturday as well, if that's not an issue.

Laura said...

Hi, I am wondering if there will be a Sunday time. We just got back in town and my son has a soccer game(weather permitting) in Overland park tomorrow during the time bubble is open. I can be a the bubble anytime on Sunday. Thanks so much!!

Charles Day said...

I am able to judge Sunday after 11:30, I would imagine we can talk the folks at Harney into letting us in for a half hour or so to get everyone done. Perhaps Jacob or Marc could check with them today?

Russ Ames said...

I will be at bubble 1300 to work out / judge.

Laura said...

Sorry I am being annoying, but I was wondering about a Sunday WOD. Did we find out anything? Thanks

Ted Hanger said...

Laura, when you find a location and time then text me. Ted or I can judge you. If you want me to do it again with you I will!

Ted Hanger said...

That's BJ by the way, not Ted!!

Jacob Heppner said...

I"m not sure if this is public knowledge yet, but there will be a group of folks in the Bubble approximately 1300 today for 13.3.

Laura said...

Thanks Jacob, I will be there!!