Mar 14, 2013

WOD 13.2 Judge Coordination

WOD 13.2 is out and underway, planned WOD times are listed below.  Lots of options, try to use the Main sessions below as your start points.  Request and coordinate additional judge support in the comments if needed.
Judge roster and contact info posted here, but please use this site for routine coordination.
  • JUDGES - please nominate times you are available, or if you plan to support a scheduled time.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and post a comment to confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, request a time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below, check comments for the most current info.
All locations at the Bubble unless otherwise noted.
THURSDAY (Note...same day as CGSC fitness competition)
     0545-UTC:  MAIN SESSION 1.
     ~0615-0730:  Post-Team WOD (Judges TBD)
     0930 start:  Meg +4 judges
     1200-1330: Mike +TBD
     0830-1230:  INFO - On-Ramp Foundations Class
     ~1300:  MAIN SESSION 2. 


Mike D said...

I will be in the bubble at lunch (1200-1330). I am able to judge and would like to be judged on 13.2 as well.

Matt B. said...

Mike I can meet you for lunch and grade you. What time specifically?
I'm planning on being in at 0515 Th, if there is still a need (given the CGSC event). I'd like to go through then too. If you don't need me in the morning, maybe I'll go at lunchtime.

Mike D said...

1200-1330. I am now debating on waiting until Friday to do my 13.2. I did the Main Site WOD today and it was a killer. hopefully I will not be too sore tomorrow. I just spoke with Andy and I think that I am good to Judge... I will be there at lunch regardless.

Meghan Smith said...

Available for judging Thursday evening around 1730, as well as Friday morning 0930 during my regular classes. On Friday there will be between 4-6 judges, at my last count. If you'd like to come in then, just let me know!


Jared said...

Took first shot this morning, did not make the 200 mark I was looking for. Box jumps broke my will so finished at 196. May try to hit it again Friday afternoon or Saturday, depending on how I recover. Matt. B thanks for judging.

Mike D said...

I will be in the Gym this afternoon from 1200-1330 if anyone needs to be judged for 13.2. I will be wearing a CrossFit Games 2010 shirt if you don't recognize me. Shouldn't be hard, not many people in at lunch.

Russ Ames said...

I assume many judges have Saturday 1300 covered given the on ramp, but I can be there if needed.