Mar 10, 2013

WOD 13.1 Judge Coordination

Last day for executing / registering.  Deadline for posting scores is 1900 local time on Sunday.  The Bubble is available most of the day today, but you must arrange for a L1 judge to meet you there.  Coordinate with a buddy or use the judge roster and contact info posted here.

Just a reminder, you must post your own scores to the Games site.  The IMCF team will validate them online.  If you run into any issues send an email to
  • JUDGES - please nominate times you are available, or if you plan to support a scheduled time.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and post a comment to confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, request a time.
  • A running summary of confirmed times is shown below, but check comments for the most current info. 
All locations at the Bubble unless otherwise noted.
     0545-UTC:  MAIN SESSION - try to make this one (10+ judges)
     1600-1730:  Steady flow of judges (Andy/Matt/John/Charles + more)
     0530-0730:  Charles and others TBD Post-Team WOD
     0930 start:  Meg +3 judges
     1630:  RCC opens; coord w/ Liz Brown (
     ~1400:  Elizabeth + others at Bubble
      Bubble available most of the day (post-PAIR Day cleanup)
     *1200Submission deadline is 1900 local. If you have not executed by now, you are in "Crisis" mode.


Scott S said...

Alright, great to get the first Open WOD going. Difficult one for the first 'trial' but think it went ok.

We got through 4 HEATs, about 20 of the registered IMCF athletes, 2 guests from other affiliates and a few who promise to register and join in --- I'm talking to you Jacob and John B!!!!

I will be back in the Bubble as soon as our classes get out. We're scheduled until 1730, but the general consensus is that we'll get out earlier. Yesterday we got out at 1640(ish). I know there will be some people in there. But could I solicit some judges to volunteer on the blog to be there at 1700 or soon thereafter???

Thanks, awesome job today. Loved seeing everyone work that hard, and we need to do more mass starts for the METCONs in the future, just brings out so much more in the athletes.

Erin Anderson said...

Make sure to get a time at the end of each round of snatches. The submission site wants a time for this in addition to total reps in order to submit scores. I used the largest time allowed because I didn't have one. (figured it would be better than using the smallest time allowed) If this is wrong Andy please let me know!

Scott S said...

Ok, so bubble closed at 1300

RCC not open until 1630, so looking to do the WOD tomorrow (SAT) at 1500.

Anyone interested please post, need a judge and wouldn't mind others going through it with me.

Andy said...

Elizabeth and others will be in the Bubble around 1400 after PAIR Day ends. All are welcome (judges and athletes) to WOD, redo it, help judge or support others.