Mar 19, 2013

Wednesday 03.20.13

Perform 15 rounds, each consisting of:
20 seconds of pull-ups
20 seconds of sit-ups
20 seconds of squats

Score it like a Tabata -- your score for each exercise is the lowest number of reps performed in any of the 15 rounds. Overall score is the combined total of all exercise scores.

Post exercise and total scores [Pullups (7) + Situps (10) + Squats (14) = total 31] to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
No WOD A & B, just one bodyweight WOD today.  Pretty simple movements and structure, but don't underestimate this one:)  It's the equivalent of 5 1/2 full tabata cycles of work...with no designated rest periods.  Aim for steady output, don't fizzle out early.

Open Leaderboard.  Check out the new tab at the top of the screen.  It shows WOD scores and in-house rankings for all IMCF athletes...with Rich Froning thrown in for  good measure.  Probably need to break it up into male/female divisions.  Maybe a Master's division also, but then again Mark seems to be doing just fine competing against us whippersnappers.

Discussion piece.  As we get ready for Wednesday's announcement of Open WOD 13.3, scan "Should You Redo Open Workouts?"  Miranda Oldroyd, Pat Sherwood, and Mike Warkentin provide their opinions in the article.  Your thoughts?  Post to comments.

Training Videos.  No insights to post on this WOD, so revisiting some basic concepts today.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM ~140lb):
5-5-5-5-5 @ 115lb

Pull-ups (5), Sit-ups (10), Squat (10)

Ross said...


Ventured off plan today, and got tied up in an game of 3on3 basketball full court for an hour.. It was a good workout, I will NOT say that it was good basketball... Try to get time at lunch to do my WOD..

Noah said...

IMCF Fort Carson Det:

29 for the METCON. Subbed CTD pushups in for the pullups. 6 pushups, 13 squats, 10 situps.

Andy said...

I also went rogue today. Shoulders and lower legs needed some rest before tomorrow. My magic 8-Ball says we've got some muscle-ups coming for 13.3.

Swim repeats, 1:1 work to rest ratio
2 x 100yds (2:10-2:14)
4 x 50yds (:54-:57)
8 x 25yds (:25-:27?)
Slow as a tugboat, but feeling more comfortable every time I get in the pool.