Mar 5, 2013

Wednesday 03.06.13

Swim 15 x 50 yds (sprints at 80% effort)
Rest 1:00 between efforts, try to maintain splits at +/- 5 seconds.

Post total time and high/low splits to comments.


Rest. Tomorrow is the first Open workout for the CrossFit Games. If you have done some prep for the Games you may want to consider backing off today.

Coach's Notes. 
HOODIES -- Tom will be at the gym from 0530-0630 and 1645-1715 to deliver sweatshirts.
Last call for Games registration! Open WOD 13.1 posts TOMORROW at 1900. We have more than 40 athletes registered, but always room for more. Do it for yourself, and do it for the IMCF Team. The top scores of our athletes automatically contribute to the Team give us a fighting chance at Regionals!

Round and round the hopper goes, where it stops...nobody knows. Face your Fear!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

C2 Intervals
6x500m (2min recovery)

About 5 sec/500m slower than I was at FLKS. However, I row so infrequently, I was not surprised.

10x10 pull-ups (not for time)

Allan Jackman said...

At the pool 27:02 for 15 laps with a minute of rest in between.

Noah said...

Did not get 15 sets in as I wanted to swim a few longer lengths as well (200M). The 8 or so 50M splits I did were 45-46" each.

By the way, mark you calendars for the Fort Leavenworth Sprint Triathlon on Sat, 04 May. It starts, finishes and transitions right here in the Harney Complex. 200M pool swim in our pool, 12.6 mile bike around Post and then a 3.1 mile run around the west side of the golf course. Registration should be on soon.

Erik said...


Rowed 5K:

Matt B. said...

Played with jump rope and hand stands, then some shoulder and hip mobility. Got my first hand stand push up with 1 abmat. HSPU are this year's "please don't be in the games" movement.

Jess said...

Managed to finish this in 29:04 averaging 1 min each lap until the last three laps which came out at 1:03