Mar 25, 2013

Tuesday 03.26.13

20 x 100m sprints
*Rest no more that 30 seconds between efforts.

Post times (average/high/low) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
With this workout, focus on form and consistency of effort. In other words, practice running.  For many of us running is a mindless effort with little attention paid to form and efficiency.  If you don’t believe that, pay attention to the form you see on folks here on post running up and down Grant Avenue: heel striking, valgus knees, collapsing ankles, poor head position...the list is endless.  Bad form is a recipe for injury.  Focus on your breathing, midline, foot strike, and stride pattern.

Words of Wisdom.  "Sprinting is an elemental part of CrossFit (consult your copy of “What is Fitness” or Level 1 Trainer Guide) along with weightlifting and gymnastics.  In my opinion, we do far too little of this powerful metabolic training exercise.  So dig out your reflective belt, dress appropriately, suck on a lozenge to coat your throat, warm up well, and get out there!" - Mark

UPDATE -- Sprints as Rx are the strong preference for Tuesday's WOD.  Early AM athletes...with snow on the track and the potential for ice on the road, use your judgment.  Make it work if you can, or shift your workout to lunch if that's an option.  If you must sub, recommend:
  • "Suicides/Gassers" on Harney court.  Warmup with easy strides/cariocca/backwards running drills.  Then perform ~20 reps of line drills...use your imagination on format. Aim for short, intense work cycles  with quick recovery intervals.
  • Swim -- a few warmup laps, then EMOM 25yd lengths until form/pace breaks.
  • Row -- 20 min EMOM of 125m repeats.

Training Resources.
  • "Kenyan Olympic Team Warmup" - you know, I have no idea if this is might be a high school track team practicing their Dance, Dance Revolution moves.  Either way, a good sampling of dynamic stretching exercises.  Work a few of them in between a short warm-up jog and some accelerating strides to make sure you're ready for your first sprint.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Fastest - 20.35
Slowest - 24.06
Average - 22.40*

WX was a factor here as well - 20° and snowing! Someone forgot to tell winter it is spring. Also learned that my watch only records 30 laps meaning I only averaged 15 intervals.

Bench Press (1RM ~205lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 155/165/175/180/180

Andy said...

Sprints - used the DFAC road short course. Splits between 18-21s, average about 20s with :30 recovery.

A little cold to start but that didn't last long. Felt strong until I hit a wall around #16. Good to run hard, it's been a while.

Finished with extra stretching/flossing and light ring work.

Ross said...


Well indoor track here is 160m but unmarked so I marked off about 3/4 of it and called it a 100m - based on times and how slow I usually am - it was probably a little short.

Average time - 17

Worst 18.5 (first sprint and only one to have an 18 on the clock).

Best 15.5 (all were about the mid point somewhere between sprints 8 and 14 - three had a 15 on the clock one had a 16 on the clock all the others were 17 something.)

monroe said...

I did this at home on the street in front of my house. Got bit by a the neighbor's dog on rep number 12By the time I cleaned out the wound it was time to head for work. Oh well, felt good to run hard for me, too. Now, if I could only outrun a dachsund.

Viri Morman said...

I am looking to start CrossFit and would really appreciate someone from the Leavenworth area showing me the ropes. I went to the "Bubble" yesterday and it was empty :( I would appreciate any help getting me started. #littleintimidated

Andy said...

Viri -- thanks for posting. If you are able to show in the early AM (~0600), there ought to be lots of people that can give you a quick rundown and coach you through a scaled workout. If you are aiming for a different time, say when and I'll see if I can get you linked up with someone.

Also, we are running a "On-Ramp" class on Saturday, 20 April. It would be a great way to get you started.

Viri Morman said...

Andy- Thanks so much for responding. I will try 0600, is there anyone I should ask for or just jump in? So sorry for all the annoying questions. I will be there on the 20th of April for sure! Thanks again :) V

Matt B. said...

Did yesterday's though I went off memory and did 3-3-3-2-2-2 cleans. 145# for the "3's" and 155# for the "2's". I hit double-unders hard today after being bested by them on Friday. Couple sets of 20-40 during warmup, and one set of 20-30 in between the cleans - probably 250-300 total. Just couldn't get 'em when it counted!

Plenty of METCONs in the Games so far. How about, 7 minutes of overhead squat for total weight? Your choice to go slow/heavy or light/fast.

Viri, there's usually a crowd of 3-10 folks over the lunch period, 1130-1300. More like 30 today.

Andy said...

I should be there, but you can ask around for any of the Iron Major trainers. We'll see where you are and what you're looking to do and come up with some options for both tomorrow's workout and a plan going forward. See you in the AM!

Andy said...

Scott - got an inquiry from someone looking for a CF facility in Hohenfels. If you are willing to sprechen with him, send your email addy to me via and I'll get you linked up?