Mar 18, 2013

Tuesday 03.19.13

A. Five rounds for time (5 RFT):
5 Muscle-ups
5 Handstand push up (HSPU)
5 Forward rolls

B. (Travel WOD) 10 rounds of:
Run hard for one minute, rest for one minute

Post time or distance covered to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Reminder -- posting two WODs. WOD A is the primary, B gives options for those on the road for break. If you are feeling froggy, this combo makes a great "Two for Tuesday."

WOD A.  Movement and scaling notes:
  • Muscle-ups -- Standard sub of 3:1 pullups/dips for muscle-ups.  If you're almost there, use bands or do jumping muscle-ups.  Work that transition...that's what is likely holding you back. Post WOD, do some more skill work...see the progression video below for ideas.
  • HSPU -- Sub piked HSPU off a box for full HSPU, do negative reps, or wall walk-ups.  Preference is an option that works full range of motion.
  • Forward rolls -- on the ground, not the rings. Use the mats, focus on a smooth, controlled tuck and roll with enough momentum to pop right back to standing.
WOD B.  Warm up well before diving into running interval work.  Shoot for hard, consistent output on each round.  Use a track or run "down and backs" covering the same ground to help yourself out.

Training Videos.
  • "Muscle Up Progression" - from CF Estero.  
  • "Efficiency Tips: Muscle-ups" - with Chris Spealler.  Just one of many tutorials out there, search "crossfit mucsle up"on youtube for a ton more.
  • "Forward Roll Progression" - with gymnastics guru Carl Paoli.  He demos a smooth transition from a handstand position.  Don't be afraid to crouch and roll a little more deliberately.


Jodie Kunkel said...

Is anyone going to be in around 530 tomorrow morning to help me? Gymnastics is not my forte.

Erin Anderson said...

Jodie, I'd meet you but the only thing I can do is the forward roll! Rob & Jacob are usually there early.

Meghan Smith said...

Sorry...won't be there early until Thursday this week. :(

Check out this article from the Games:

rob said...

I'll be there at 0520hrs and help however I can.

Jodie Kunkel said...

thanks, I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Ross said...


Time 13:40 but I had to subbed my MUs going from the Knees because no place high enough so I could dead hang from them, tried to keep all leg assistance out of it but I know as I got tired I "cheated" on the last couple of rounds. Scaled the HSPUs - facing the wall with hands about 18 inches from wall. Afterwards, I did 1 min run / 1 min walk for 10 rds. covered about 2 miles of run / walk combined.

Jake78 said...


Subbed the HSPU with GHDs as MUs are enough of a tax on my shoulder.

The forward rolls were fun, made the run from the mat and first MU a "dizzying" affair every round!!


Matt B. said...

Did an interval ladder at the track, 200m, 400m, 800m, 400m, 200m. 33.4, 1:16.6, 3:19.8, 1:26.2, 34.7. Shot for a 1:1 rest after each, but it was a bit more than that, maybe 1:1.5. PRs at each distance.
Kipping HSPU practice in the grassy field afterwards.

Speaking of work/rest, I performed above my goal on Thursday's 13.2, but it took me 4 days to recover and for the soreness to go away. Amazed that some of ya'll could go a second and third time and get as good or better scores. A testament to ya'll's ability!

Andy said...

11:12 Rx. Tried to focus on crisp movements and full ROM. All but last round of MU unbroken, but weak on HSPU even with a kip.

Meg...saw the article and vid. All the more reason for our efforts to QA/QC the judging process!

Allan Jackman said...

Wow, harsh penalty but it is clear that both athletes were not fully opening their hips on the box. I think this sets the seriousness for affiliates and judges.

Noah said...

Fort Carson Det:

15:45 with the HSPUs being inclined off the wall.