Mar 11, 2013

Tuesday 03.12.13

15 minute AMRAP:
9 Thrusters (95/75)
15 Burpees
21 Double unders

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Coach's Notes. 
You know they're coming...may not be this week for Open WOD 13.2, but pretty soon you'll be doing some thrusters and some double unders.  Use this WOD to tune up your form and efficiency on both.  Look for clean transfer of power from your front squat into the push press portion of the thruster.  No 3:1 single under subs for the Games!

Add some additional skill work in there pre- or post-WOD based on your individual needs.

Training Videos.


Allan Jackman said...

5 rnds + 9 thrusters

Jess said...

3 rounds plus 9 thrusters and 10 burpees. Started at 55#on thrusters dropped to 35#after 2 reps sure to knee pain

Andy said...

Ouch. Rx, 5 rds + 24. I think you got me Charles...the will was there, but the ability to do burpees was not.

Light MU work afterwards.

Ross said...


5rds + 9 thrusters and 12 Burpees

Noah said...

5 rds plus 8 thrusters. Slackin' on the last set in the final 30 seconds cost me that 9th rep.

rob said...

Very tough WOD. I actually love burpees. There are few things that I do well, but burpees is one of them. However......burpees today were BRUTAL. I couldn't get a rhythm and it was just slugging through them. I hadn't done thrusters at 95lbs since last July. I struggled with full extension at the top (head through the window)- it was a very forced movement. We had at least three big groups today which is fun to watch. 6rds + 9 thrusters + 5 burpees.

Jared said...

Double unders are one of my MANY goats. 4 rounds plus 9 burpees. Should have started the set of thrusters but instead decided to yell at Noah.

Mike D said...

4 rounds plus 9 Thrusters and 7 Burpees. First DU WOD completing RX instead of subbing 3 for 1! Been working the DU Goat all month!

Matt B. said...

Did Jacob/Rob's Throwdown WOD. 15:19 almost as Rx. Got my first 3 full-ROM HSPU with a kip/flail. Had to get the last 2 with a 2:1 pike pushup sub. I think the guy next to me was trying to disprove the null hypothesis that equipment matters (ref: yesterday's CFJ article). He did the WOD in combat boots.

For Time:

0 Atlas Stone punts.
1 Km Row
1 Muscle Up
2 Snatch (95/65)
3 KBS (70/44)
5 Handstand Pushups
8 Burpee Box Jumps
13 Curtis P's (95/65)
21 Wall Balls
34 Double Unders

Curtis P's for this workout are a Power Clean, 2 lunges in the front squat position and a Jerk

Andy said...

Ha. Wish there was logic to the combat boots, but I am an airhead and forgot my shoes (again).

Fibonacci was a grind. 14:10 Rx. Reality check -- a single post-row MU stopped me dead in my tracks for about 2:00. MB, nice job dispatching your MU and big progress on HSPU!

monroe said...

5 rounds. Thrusters, burpees and DU's, it doesn't get much goatier.

Russ Ames said...

4 rds, + 5 thruster. Hydrate prior, and test rope. Lost much DU time fighting the rope.

janakehau said...

5 rounds, 45#, totally suck at DUs so am going to have to work on those. Was great to see the post WOD group all across the ground, wish I had gotten a picture.