Mar 4, 2013

Tuesday 03.05.13

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (80-85% of 1RM)


Clean Pull 3-3-3 (80% of Clean 1RM)

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Coach's Notes. 
Snatch -- Warm up well (Burgener warmup, PVC drills, and light weights) then try to hit 80% of your 1RM for the first four lifts, 85% for the last three.

Clean Pull -- Compare to 01.21.13, though we are working a little lighter this time -- shoot for 80% of your best clean to work on speed and extension. If you have straps, use them to preserve your grip strength.

HOODIES -- Reminder, Tom will be at the gym from 0530-0630 to pass out sweatshirts.

Training Videos.
  • "WOD 120413 Demo" - same snatch WOD...strength and grace, by Natalie Burgener.
  • "Burgener warmup" - with Coach B.  Click on 'flash player' option.  Long (9:30), but fast paced and chock full of goodness.
  • "The Snatch" - courtesy of CFConnect, a UK affiliate.  Good breakdown and slow-mo video.
  • "Clean Pull" - quick demo from FSU strength & conditioning program.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Snatch (1RM ~135lb)
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @ 105/105/110/110/115/115/120

Felt like a day I could have pushed my 1RM for PR but also a day that I could have injured myself further. Pulls were strong, but not stable enough in the catch position relative to shoulder stability. Still have to work this goat, but form and technique are developing well.

Clean Pulls:
3x3 @ 205lbs

Handstand work ~10 minutes

Russ Ames said...

95 across on snatch. Add RDL to warm up, and also go from hang to work on speed through middle. Need to stay rigid after catch.

Allan Jackman said...
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Allan Jackman said...

Squat Snatch

Clean Pull

95lb Power Snatch

Ross said...


Snatch spent a lot of time trying to work up to heavier weight and concentrating on getting into a good squat in the catch but was disappointed in where I topped off, maybe too much time working up to it.

95, 95, 95, 115, 115, 115, 135, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 155, 155(f), 155(f)

Clean Pulls:
3x3 @235

Noah said...

Snatched 95x2, 105x2, 115x3. The 115s were power snatches due to poor form and not getting under the bar in time for the catch. Dropped the weight and did a few more correct ones at 95.

Cleans were pulled at 155 and 165.

Jess said...

Snatch: 45-45-60-60-60-70-70
Clean Pull: 65-95-115

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Round 2:

4-mile run
36:13 @ 152bpm (50 sec recovery)

Andy said...

Snatch: 5 at 135, 2 misses at 155. Should have gone lighter and worked form.
Clean Pull: 3 x 185

Then, Rob & Jake's 7 min AMRAP creation:
5 Power Cleans (115)
10 Knees to Elbow
5 Power Snatch (115)
Bear Crawl – Length of Bubble

3rds + 20reps + 30 ft

Matt B. said...

Rob/Jake's "Throwdown" WOD, same as Andy
3 rounds + 1 clean = too much fun. Spent time taking two groups through the Burgener warmup as a 10 minute primer on how to snatch. Teaching others = too much fun.
I should have tested my snatch 1RM after the WOD, but I forgot. I hit 135# during last year's games. Today's 115# power snatch wasn't bad.